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Island Toastmasters Meeting : My lovely Pets
“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” - Oscar Wilde Pets provide us love, companionship and pleasure in our life. They brighten our days and warm our nights. They cheer our sorrow hearts and tame the temper we ourselves can hardly contain. The moment they enter our lives, we shall no longer be lonely. With a gaze, our souls connect. They communicate with us on a deep level. Yet Pets does not have the luxury of words, how do they converse with us. For many pet owners we already knew the answer: Pets are masters in body language. As we learn in Island Toastmaster meetings, 80% of our communication can expressed with our body. Curious? Come join our meeting on 22, August, 2018. Together we can experiment, investigate and discover the crucial role of body language in public speaking. See you soon. Come and join our Island Toastmaster meeting. Together we experiment, investigate and discover the wonders and techniques of public speaking. We look forward to meet you soon. Island Toastmasters Club is a non-profit making organization chartered under Toastmasters International. Island provides a friendly and supportive environment for members to grow their speech delivery and leadership skills. Join us to learn the skills needed to deliver a speech professionally. In the past 45 years, we have helped many people transform into great speakers. Come and experience it yourself! Admission : Guests Fee: HK$40/$20 with prior registration 1 day before start of meeting Free for students and other Toastmasters (OPTIONAL networking dinner after meeting on a shared bases.) Guest Registration link: Meeting Agenda (Easy-speak:) Facebook: Island Home Page: (

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    Whatever your goals in life may be, your success depends on your ability to communicate. Our club is a non-profit organization that helps its members to improve their communication and leadership skills. We are based in Hong Kong, and we are affiliated to Toastmasters International, non-profit making organization.

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    Chartered since 1972, Island Toastmasters Club has a glorious history in nurturing leaders and champions in speech contest! We can provide the skills and confidence you need to effectively express yourself in any situation. Want to know more about Island Toastmasters Club? You are welcome to join our regular meetings and special events as a guest!

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