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Come make some new friends around the gaming table. We play Tabletop Roleplaying Games, a collaborative storytelling hobby that mixes improv acting, storytelling, and board game strategy together. Beginners are welcome. It's a fun experience that's not quite like anything else. Ex: youtube.com/watch?v=EcuGg--r-9Q

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Star Wars - A Hutt & A Hard Place.

Castle Wyvern

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Dread Oneshot

Ozwald Copplepot; Villainously Good Coffee

Dread is a horror RPG where you use a Jenga tower instead of dice! Hopefully you have steady hands! -- The crew of the Horizon were hired for a long term space mission. To take the 5 year voyage to Lumair System and collect a large container of samples that one of the science teams have collected out there. The instructions for the voyage were clear: Travel to the Lumair System. Make contact with the science team. Retrieve the containers. Return to the Solar System. Deliver the containers. Do Not Open the Containers. The science officer has authority on anything relating to the cargo. The captain has authority on anything to do with the ship. Crew will be paid upon return. You are a part of the crew and, after travelling for 5 years, you have finally arrived in the Lumair System...

Exalted: Shield of the Shifting Sands

Josiah's place

Private game.

Shadow of the Abyss

Andy' flat

• What we'll do Shadow of the Abyss is a D&D 5th Edition campaign set in a homebrew iron age world that takes inspiration from classical Europe. The game is currently full and only open to existing players. More details on the world can be found here: https://shadowoftheabyssblog.wordpress.com/

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New Players Welcome - Intro to D&D

Josiah's place

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