What we're about

Are you a Life Coach, Health, Success or Wellness Coach - or any other type of "Coach" who helps people create transformation and live better lives?

Or do you dream of becoming one and you want to learn how to use your natural gifts and talents to help people make breakthroughs in their lives... and create a thriving business around it that really serves people?

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, but many coaches today are isolated, trying to make a bigger impact through their work, by themselves.

The goal of the Israel Coaching Accelerator is to create a community of coaches in Israel that will support each other in making a bigger impact around the world with our work.

The Israel Coaching Accelerator is the fastest growing community of international-coaches in Israel - so if you want to learn how to improve your coaching skills, make a bigger impact with your work and network with other like minded coaches, join us!

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