What we're about

This meet up is for swapping assets.

There is an overdose of brilliant entrepreneurs out here at the moment- all of us with complementary skills.

So for example- have you raised money, are well connected in the Investment area and great at selling your idea to an investor, but struggling to find the right team? Swap your skills with the well-connected CEO who knows all the right guys and girls for your team but less knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to raising money. Have you got an incredible marketing idea and business model mapped out but lacking expertise in product and design? Swap your insights on how to build the correct business model with a designer who can help you dramatically improve your wireframes and brand.

I am trying to build a team and would love to help others who can help me build one and will offer in return some marketing ideas, copy-writing, and strategies for investors.

This meet up is for all kinds of Start Upists that are skilled in something particular and can help another. This is not a find your co-founder, but rather a find your entrepreneurial brother/sister who can help you reach for what you're looking for. We will host events- each one with a theme of some sort to ensure as many connections and swaps as possible.

If you have skills but don't know what you're looking for or you know exactly what you're looking for but don't have skills- you're also invited- we'll find a way to help you either discover something you might need or something you're good at.

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