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Christmas Dinner & New Year Party

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It is this time of the year again and maybe some of you will unfortunately not have the chance to go back to your home to celebrate the Christmas!! :(( But hey hoo we are here and we would love to celebrate this beautiful day with you guys and after all we are a family too and that is what these groups are for!!!

Hey my Turkish friends, you might have been to some Christmas dinners abroad or here or never had the chance to but pls do join us! It is fun and lets make them feel home on this special day as much as we can!

I recommend that -not compulsory- everyone puts a Christmas decoration on them (maybe an earring or something around your neck or a broche) to make it more fun!

The owner of the restaurant has lived abroad for 12 years and she promised to make it Christmas like as much as possible :)

We will have Christmas songs and some soft music during the dinner and around 10.30pm they will start playing dance music and we will hit the floor!! :) yihuuuu

They let me know that they will be more than happy if you would like to bring some dance music on your ipod/mp3 player for them to play. (they generally have soft music) Or just let me know which songs wou would like to dance to so I do my best to make a play list and give it to them!

Let me give you some info about the Cafe&Brasserie where this event will take place;

a'pera which will mesmerise you with its delicious food variety is located on the stairs connecting Asmalı Mescit, Tunel&Sishane. When you put put your first step in a’pera which manages to attact your attention with the forks hanging down from the sunblind in front of the window and with the knife on its sign, you will feel the old Galata&Pera’s spirit. Its atmosphere welcomes you warmly with its wooden floor& chairs as well as the lovely winter garden. a’pera’s world cuisine based menu has different aromas and very fresh, daily food. This cafe&brasserie is open till 2am.

PS: The max. capacity of this place is 65 and around 25 in the winter garden. So you cancelling your attendance is essential if you can not make it. This event will also be on Istanbul Expat Social Club.

Look forward to seeing you all, come to have fun and enjoy this special day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your loved ones if I do not see you at this event!!

Take care,

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