What we're about

Have some great Italian food with new friends!

Attend Italian related cultural events!

We like to do a lot of things, but most of all we eat and play fantastic card games!

Learn how to play the best, most intense Italian card games there are!

Meet with other local Scopa & Briscola Enthusiasts!

We meet in easy to get to locations in DC and Baltimore City.

Enjoy the thrill of victory or tremble feeling the agony of defeat.

It doesn't take long to learn or play. We use Italian card decks, but you can play this at home with a traditional (French) deck.

Want to learn on your own? Check out the additional pages here for rules or try out http://www.scopacards.com to play a computer or others round the world. It's fun, but not like having a human being across the table...

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Italian Food and Cards

Il Basilico

Scopa Sunday

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Scopa Sunday

Il Basilico

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