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www.ItaliansofLondon.com (http://www.italiansoflondon.com) is the largest and best known network of Italians in London - over 50,000 members (35,000 on our Facebook Page alone) and many opportunities to improve your knowledge of the Italian life by meeting up at Aperitifs, parties and cultural events. We have recently opened the "Italians of London" section here on Meetup too - it is still a very tiny fraction of our actual network ... but it is growing fast!

PLEASE REMEMBER : when attending our events, always make sure you introduce yourself as "ITALIANS OF LONDON" and never from the Meetup Group (Meetup is irrelevant to us).

Does the word 'Italy' remind you of Tuscany, Pavarotti and dining "al fresco?"

Come on!! That was millions of years ago! The words that should spring to your mind are : Aperitivo, Beppe Severgnini, Fiorello, Valentino Rossi, Riviera e Costa Azzurra, Venezia e Puglia and many others...Italy has changed dramatically and the young, trendy, stylish Italians who have arrived to London over the past 15 years are a new breed of fun, class and culture, for you to meet and explore.

Join our group and our events in London - from parties to cultural, you will find a piece of the real Italy just next to your doorstep!

This Group is open to anyone interested in Italian culture and language

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ITALIANS OF LONDON Aperitif at Pizza Rossa – the Grand Finale!
ITALIANS OF LONDON: Fabio Volo a Londra - "Quando tutto inizia"

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ITALIANS OF LONDON Xmas edition: the last Aperitif of 2017 + DJ!

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