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ATTENTION: Our June calendar of "Dinners on the Town" is now available, and we are accepting new members to be added to our listserve. Please send your request for a copy of our monthly calendar and/or a membership application to isgmembership7@gmail.com.

We look forward to welcoming new friends to our group. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.


Although most members are age 50, folks of all ages are welcome to participate and become members. Most of us live in or near Ithaca, but we have plenty of farther-flung members.

Our primary event is a weekly dinner out – usually Wednesdays, and usually in or near Ithaca. All Meetup members are invited to the dinners and other events listed on Meetup, but we do need your RSVP – just use the “Attend” button at the bottom of the event page.

A second, OPTIONAL, level of membership is available for the low, low price of $28/year. If you’re a dues-paying member, we put you on the email list for the many other member-organized events that occur regularly. Members invite each other to all kinds of things – a play or concert, a dance event or class, hiking, local events, game nights, and lots more. There are also house parties, and a Christmas party, which are for dues-paying members only. This level of membership is OPTIONAL, but well worth it.

Check out our website at http://www.ithacasingles.net. Our weekly Wednesday dinners will be posted on Facebook or you can contact us directly by email at isgmembership7@gmail.com .

Come on out for dinner, meet friends, and have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To approve you as a member of this group:

(1) Your profile name MUST be the actual name you want people to call you ("John," or "Jane S," etc.). Any fake name or "handle" ("mountain man," etc.) will be rejected.

(2) We request -- but do not require -- a real, identifiable, head-and-shoulders face picture. We've had a problem with anonymous people using the group for inappropriate purposes, and this step helps us avoid that. It also helps everyone in the group get to know each other. Please post a picture!

Thank you for understanding!

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THURSDAY Dinner with Friends at Sumo!

Sumo Japanese Sushi And Hibachi Grill

Dinner with Friends at the Boatyard!

The Boatyard Grill

Dinner with Friends at Chili's!


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