Urban (IxD) Dictionary: Designing for the Contemporary City

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Summer has arrived and so have the tourists, transforming London’s sidewalks, parks, and pubs. Dodge the crowds and tube, cycle, or walk your way to this month’s IxDA event as we navigate the streets of Urban Interaction Design.

As residents of London, everyday we are in constant negotiation with the physical, digital, social, and political infrastructures of the contemporary networked city. Urban Interaction Design seeks to mediate between cities and people as these systems and spaces become more complex, entangled, and data-rich. Join us as our guest speakers discuss their tools, mediums, and learnings while designing for this dynamic domain.

This month’s lineup includes Sophie Freiermuth with introductory insights from the perspective of cities, Priya Prakash on smarter cities and citizens, Claire Mookerjee on the human scale in cities, Siri Johansson on tactics for the library in the augmented city, and Tim Fendley on wayfinding.

Sophie Freiermuth

Sophie is a product, UX and agile specialist who provides her expertise as a blend of coaching, mentoring and training. She is passionate about people contributing their best and working well together. Her consultancy Baguette UX helps teams and business find their focus, smooth their dynamics and engage in high performance behaviours and processes, in order to deliver products that delight customers and generate great business. Based in London, she can be found working with teams as far Australia, Singapore and Shanghai. She is also an international public speaker (India, Australia, France, amongst recent locations) and can be generally be heard vehemently making a case in various languages for integrating UX into products at the earliest stages.

Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash is a serial change agent, entrepreneur and founder of London based D4SC - Design for Social Change.

The applied product innovation studio specializes in collaborative urban systems combining human and machine intelligence.

In 2014, she was listed ‘Tech City Insider 100’, IBM’s People for Smarter Cities and featured in BBC, Wired, Outlook India. D4SC’s products have won The Smart City World Expo Showcase, Innovate UK’s Connected Cities Challenge and got shortlisted for Zumbtobel’s Applied Innovation.

Prior to D4SC, Priya was Head of Mobile Phone User Experience at Nokia. She led the global design team to launch Nokia Asha in 144 countries turning mobile phones to affordable smart phones. At BBC, she was lead-designer and co-inventor of iPlayer with joint patents.

Since 2001, her innovations have changed industries radically across media, publishing, telecom and retail. Her focus now is on reimagining smart cities.

Priya is visiting professor at Syracuse University, RCA, UCL and LSE and advises early stage iOT & smart tech startups. A regular keynote speaker and judge, Prakash is FRSA with MA in Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art. Priya enjoys discovering cities by running, cycling and tasting local cuisines.

Claire Mookerjee

Claire Mookerjee is a Designer and Urbanist. She currently leads the urbanism work at the Future Cities Catapult looking at the future of Connected Streets with projects such as Cities Unlocked, looking at navigation for the blind and New User Experiences for Cyclists. Previously she worked at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, LSE Cities and has acted as a Design Consultant on a number of large scale urban developments across the UK. Her presentation is titled 'The Human Scale in Cities; from urban planning to UIxD'.

Siri Johansson

Siri Johansson is a Senior Interaction Designer at IDEO London, where she helps organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and create impact. She designs products and systems for our digital age and has experience from a diverse set of project areas including assistive technology, public media surfaces, creative digital tools, media consumption, retail and education.

Prior to IDEO she worked as an industrial designer, something that heavily informs her interaction design practice and her consideration of the contexts in which digital experiences live. She has a special interest in design for the public realm.

Tim Fendley

Tim founded Applied to push the boundaries of information design. Driven by the need to make cities more understandable, Tim has led projects in London, Glasgow, Brighton, Dublin, Vancouver and New York. His work draws on his cultural and commercial experience in environmental, editorial, identity and interactive design for clients including Bosch, Ferrari, Graphics International, Gilbert & George, Glasgow 1999, Orange and Lexus.

Tim has had a long-term fixation with making sense of the world’s great cities. He was Creative Director for Legible London, a capital-wide pedestrian wayfinding scheme for TfL that is currently in its second phase of roll-out. It is already the most extensive of its kind in the world and a benchmark for urban wayfinding. He is passionate about innovation and advancement, constantly looking at new ways to communicate and improve things. He is the mastermind behind Typo, an annual design conference held in London, and is a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art.

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