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Enterprise IxD: Wicked Solutions for Complex Problems

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Join us this month in a new venue with new views on Interaction Design as we shift perspectives to enterprise experiences.

Complex systems, intertwined ecosystems, distributed decision making, and dynamic environments all contribute to the challenges of Enterprise UX - where wicked problems run wild. How do we tame the beast and find beauty amid complexity, obtain empathy for the unknown, and transform mundane into humane?

This month’s lineup provides valuable IxD insights across multiple industries and the digital-physical divide. We'll hear from Flow Bohl from Bloomberg, Daim Yoon from Cisco, James-Morley Smith from Zebra Technologies, and Robert Fein from Order from Chaos.

Robert Fein

Director, Strategist, Practitioner in User Experience.

Over 20 years of experience across the length and breadth of digital solutions from complex content and commerce multichannel solutions through microsites across a most industry verticals (Financial Services, Grocery, Media, Public sector, consumer electronics, Beverages etc).

Daim Yoon

Daim has a great interest in two fields of study in design. One is emotional and inclusive interaction design for fragile people like senior citizens, children, or the physically disabled. The other is the interaction design that concerns setting up a virtual scenario about the future and preparing for it.

Daim’s enthusiasm regarding interaction design for the future stimulates her to: devise sustainable designs; to have qualities of efficiency, economical and social skills; and to be a designer with insight into the future and users’ psychology. Interested in user experience design particularly, she has had many discussions, planned exhibitions with product, interactive media, and graphic design.

James Morley-Smith

James has worked at Zebra Technologies for 16 years through [various acquisitions] Symbol, Motorola and now Zebra. He started he career with the company as a software developer producing custom solutions for the EMEA market and then went on to create the first ever industrial browser, PocketBrowser including defining the extensions to HTML (EMML ( that would be used in all industrial browsers in the enterprise space.

James now heads up the Enterprise Division's User Experience Design team as part of the Chief Technology Office organisation. The UX team is responsible for defining all aspects of experience within Zebra’s solutions ensuring that productivity and user engagement is always the top priority, differentiating the solutions from consumer applications.

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