Exploring Wardley Mapping through the lens of Design

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RSVP opens Thursday 24 October, 12pm.

We're back this month with another strategy-themed event, this time exploring the topic of Wardley Mapping, a set of tools and approaches that has been gaining momentum as a compelling approach to strategic planning and thinking.

Boon will present a brief introduction to Wardley Mapping and share some learnings applying it practically, and explore implications of its use from a design perspective.

Sinead Doyle, Strategy Director at PA consulting, will share from having applied Wardley Mapping in the last 4 years.

* About Sinead *
As Strategy Director at PA Consulting, Sinead helps clients set a vision for their digital products and services. She guides multidisciplinary teams through the service design process, to produce better, simpler customer experiences. Over the last four years, Sinead has used Wardley Mapping in public and private sector projects. She will share what she has learned about the benefits of mapping together to build situational awareness and create alignment across client teams

* About Boon *
Boon is a principal UX designer at Elsevier, co-organiser of IxDA London and former IxDA board member. He's an odd shape of a generalist - leading, facilitating and executing work through the lens of design in complex product and service spaces within large organisations. He's a recent adopter of Wardley Mapping but has quickly found its power to assess situational awareness, enabling better focus on the right work. Boon feels weird talking about himself in the 3rd person.

New to Wardley Mapping? Watch Simon Wardley's presentation from UX Brighton:

and read his book on Medium:


Huge thanks to our sponsors, Futureheads and Futurice for this month's event.

The upfront £10 fee will be refundable if you register with us at the event, or inform us of cancellations 24 hours ahead of time.