Systems Design


We're back this month with another strategic-design themed event, this time exploring the topic of systems design and a few key questions:

1) How can designers solve problems across complex spaces with multiple actors and conflicting needs?
2) Systems Design: what does this mean to us?

We have one great speaker confirmed and another one just confirming details.

User-centred systems empower people to thrive in the face of ever-changing environments. Carefully crafted systems can offer new kinds of human-machine, machine to machine collaboration supported with intelligent technologies that centred around the user. Some call this smart services, data-driven design, in any form, such "smartness" of services amplify business data through analytics and connected applications and create foundations to design new kinds of business processes and user interactions.

System design is a practice that enables designers to dive beyond the surface, work collaboratively with business, partners and tech experts to optimise complex systems or multiple systems to offer single, smart interactions. With the fundamental design principles in hand, working at the system level creates opportunities for companies to leverage data, address user, business and sustainability goals more effectively. This way of creating responsible services and a healthy balance on how people and machines work together. Methodologies such as system maps, system blueprint and advance task analysis are some of the highly useful tools improve collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. In this session, I will talk about the practice of system design as an emerging design discipline and share some methodologies and application of system design.


Value comes in many shapes and flavours, tonight we’ll get a taste of the Value Egg and how to hold connected conversations


Nur leads a diverse group of designers and our experience crafts to create design led innovations and find creative ways of working in multidisciplinary teams and tech experts. With a solid background in user centred design, she has been practising design under various titles in a wide range of industries and led design as a practice.

Her passion is designing services that are ethical, uncover the unseen, empower designers and help businesses to thrive in this digital era.


Niclas is a strategist who started with a Master’s degree in economics, and has since spent 25 years helping people change their minds, working in branding and design thinking, innovation and start-ups, change management and transformation, and most lately service design. End of the day, his hunch is it is all about story telling.


Huge thanks to our sponsors, Futureheads and Brilliant Basics for this month's event.

The upfront £10 fee will be refundable if you register with us at the event, or inform us of cancellations 24 hours ahead of time.