Remote Movie Night

IxDA London
IxDA London
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Tickets on sale (for free) at 12pm as usual.

As so many of us are isolating ourselves, we thought we'd try something different this month. A remote IxDA London meetup. Our first time in 9 years where we won't see each other in person. But it's safer that way.

To guarantee some value, we are going back to one of our staples — the legendary Movie Night. This will be our 9th movie night and it's one of the simplest events we host every year, and one of the best. Internationally revered, we'll even be able to invite some of our peers from all over the world.

We'll be gathering clips showcasing the best, most interesting and most debate-worthy video clips related to Interaction Design. Then we'll be playing them using some form of video conferencing/media sharing technology, and inviting your comments and discussion.

If you have seen any interesting video clips recently send them over and we'll review them for our list. Looking forward to seeing your little cropped faces and curated backgrounds.

Boon and Jason