• Art, IxD and Our Relationships with Computation and Media with Matt Nish-Lapidus

    We return to our more intimate programming after a packed set of sessions during Interaction Design Day in September. This month, we'll be exploring the domain of machine learning and art with Matt Nish-Lapidus, an artist-turned-interaction-designer-turned-artist. RSVP will open on Thursday 22 Oct at 12pm. Talk details: Matt Nish-Lapidus presents some of his recent work, critically playing with and against the types of machine learning systems that eerily exist along side our own online lives. Matt will discuss some of the inspiration and theory driving his practice, his approach to software as art, as well as his transition from art to interaction design, and then back to art. Bio: Matt Nish-Lapidus is an artist and musician interested in our ever-changing relationship to computation, media, and information, and how the mediated environment shapes our individualization. After a long career as an interaction designer, Matt has returned to art as his primary practice. Through sound, video, software, and performance, he aims to explore the aesthetic, ethic, and politics of contemporary network technology through an examination of its history and the edges of utility. Matt has previously been the vice president of the IxDA and partner at Normative Design. He currently teaches at CIID, and has performed and exhibited at InterAccess, Vector Festival, ACUD Macht Neu, Mayhem Copenhagen, Click Festival, and more. His ongoing musical projects include New Tendencies and må. Learn more about Matt's work at http://emenel.ca

  • Interaction Design Day

    Online event

    On 29 Sept 2020, IxDA London is taking part in Interaction Design Day again this year. This year's theme is "Culture and Sustainability". This year is different to previous' years, where we will be running all our sessions on the IxDD European livestream. ACCESS TO THE EVENT WILL NOT BE VIA THIS MEETUP PAGE. Instead, the livestream and full event details will be via the IxDD website at https://app.konf.co/event/33BySvuL and you will need to get a free ticket to attend via the website (details will be published soon, if it isn't already available on the website). London will be hosting will be 2 talks in the morning (8:45 — 9:45am UK), and 4 talks in the afternoon (12pm — 2:20pm UK). There will be no London-hosted sessions between 9:45—12pm, but there will be talks hosted by the Budapest and Dublin IxDA groups. After 2:20pm, there will be other IxDD sessions hosted by other IxDA groups: i.e. Zurich, Berlin, Oslo, and the Netherlands. Details of the London-hosted sessions are available for your convenience below: # Talk details: Shaping stories we live by, by Megha Wadhawan and Louise Armstrong 9:00am UK New ways to think, New ways to live: Design, imaginaries, and climate futures by Dan Lockton 09:15am UK Our Artificial Wilderness: Virtual Beauty and Ecological Decay by Cade Diehm, SimplySecure 12:15pm UK Design under pressure by Molly Wilson, SimplySecure 12:45pm UK Centring human rights in design by Eriol Fox and Kat Lo 13:10pm UK Enabling the necessary systems changes and collective action to address the climate crisis by Gyorgyi Galik 13:55pm UK See detailed session details in the comments section below.

  • Exploring things: Somewhat Smart. Somewhat Autonomous.

    Online event

    We're grateful to have Simone Rebaudengo join us this this month to share from his explorations and creations of sometimes-present, sometimes-future things. We'll explore perspectives and implications of semi-intelligent things that we increasingly obsess about, are fascinated by, live with, and become terrified of. # About Simone Rebaudengo Simone is one of the founders of oio.studio, where he works with international clients and institutions like BMW, Philips, Google Creative Labs and the Dubai’s Museum of the Future. His work focuses on building experiential versions of the future and exploring the implications of living and interacting with networked, smart and autonomous things. https://oio.studio http://www.simonerebaudengo.com

  • Systems Thinking through Causal Loop Diagrams

    Online event

    Designers are increasingly tackling complex and wicked problem spaces to a point where the practice of systems thinking becomes felt, understood, appreciated or embraced. Within the systems thinking toolbox, causal loop diagrams stands out as a popular, yet expressive tool to illustrate the circular and relational problem spaces we often deal with or operate within in design. This month, we are fortunate to have Miguel Pantaleon and David Mercado talk to us about Causal Loop Diagrams and their systems thinking practice, Systemico.io. We’ll learn how causal loop diagrams work, view some case studies, and dig into some aspects of its application with the usual informal-yet-intelligent discussions IxDA London-style. Our speakers: ------------------ Miguel Pantaleon Systems Thinking and business strategist practitioner at Ideas Infinitas (Madrid) Since 2015 I have enabled organisations to improve their decision-making processes by developing a better appreciation of complexity and interdependency. I have worked in a wide range of complex problems like improving the mobility as a service (Maas) network in Madrid city, improving the performance of the master plan “ Donostia Lagunkoia” (Friendly San Sebastian) to tackle the aging problem in the city, developing a circular economy (ACCIONA) to extend the life of materials in infrastructures and buildings, or implementing an education and training program in Red Cross Spain. After my experience as partner at Ideas Infinitas, I founded Systemico.io with David Mercado, a digital transformation consultancy based in London. We apply systems thinking principles and tools to make sense of the face-pace changes and exponential complexity that organisations face when they engage with digitalisation. David Mercado Digital Consultant, Mindset/Mindfulness Coach. A natural team builder, I have 20 years of experience working in the Digital Industry from e-learning producer, Information architect, and interaction designer to delivery lead of many Transformation Programmes. For the last four years, I have been involved in doing Digital Transformation and Strategy using Systems Thinking and co-founded together with Miguel Pantaleon Systemico.io helping companies to frame complex situations into strategic solutions. ---- The Zoom details will be on the Meetup event page - all RSVP-ed members should be able to view this link directly via the meetup page.

  • Designing for an uncertain future

    Online event

    Tickets available (for free) at 12pm (BST) 20th May a week before the event as usual. Zoom details will be sent via meetup messages prior to the event. Important note to attendees: Come early, first 100 spots available. 6:50pm Open 7:00pm Start 9:00-9:15pm End A small break in between, all in BST time. If you are unable to attend please release your ticket so people in the waiting list can join. Look forward to seeing you tonight! Warmest regards. --- The event --- We are back this month with another Strategic Design themed evening. Shorter and sharper than before. COVID-19 is an awakening call; we see vividly how it's changing our behaviours and the world around us. As designers, we are curious to know what we can do, how we design for this unprecedented time, and even more importantly, foresee what kind of future that we are designing for. Our speakers will go back to the basics - Needs, Insights and Foresights, sharing their point of view to navigate through this ambiguity and better equipped to design for the future to come. This event has been curated by Jill Lin and will feature speakers (bio below) with different perspectives in this space, talking about the key to design for today & prepare for tomorrow, design and value in the post normal futures, and how we move forward in the face of adversity. --- Our Speakers & Curator --- Jill Lin, Bain & Company (Guest Curator) Jill is a strategic and visionary ex-Experience Director with over a decade of experience. She currently works for Bain & Company as their most senior Designer in EMEA. Throughout her career she has been designing interactions in the intersection of people, products and environments; she brings out incremental and revolutionary changes for people she designs for and empowers them to do what they love. She's worked in London, New York, UAE and Taiwan. Her clients include BP, BT, Sony, Google, Scottish Power, Tiffany & Co., Kellogg's, JLR, Macquarie, Lloyds, Barclays and more. Twitter: @jillybeanlin -- Sami Niemelä, Nordkapp Sami is a strategic designer working at the intersection of systems, foresight and design. During over 20 years in the industry, he has worked on several continents, earning himself international patents, numerous awards and has built into exits to the largest companies in the world. Currently, he is one of the founders and the creative director at Nordkapp, a strategic design and innovation consultancy based in Helsinki and Amsterdam, and working globally. He is also an exhibited artist exploring the combination of humans, rapid manufacturing and generative networks and machine learning, and a member of the board at IxDA — Interaction Design Association. Twitter: @samin -- Tom Savigar, Avansere AS For two decades, Tom has been making a better future happen for the world’s best known corporations. However, more often than not, even the best foresight, strategies and innovations to deliver positive social and environmental impact lie on the shelf unused, or worse still on the workshop room floor. To tackle this, launched at the dawn of the 2020s, Tom now runs his own venture Avansere AS. Foresight. Directions. Models. Guidance. Like a mountain guide — Avansere specialises in moving people forwards in a purposeful way, with an emphasis on ensuring they succeed by exceeding human and environmental needs. Do you understand what’s going to happen? Are you moving in the right direction? Will your moves now be true to your long term vision? Forward movement, no matter what. https://www.avansere.no/ -- Thanks, look forward to seeing you there! IxDA team

  • Left of brief design

    Needs a location

    Tickets available (for free) at 12pm (BST) 22nd April a week before the event as usual. This event has been curated by Matthew Cockerill (bio below), and will feature speakers (details tbc.) with different perspectives on strategic design. LEFT OF BRIEF DESIGN Design is often challenged to have a seat at the leadership table, but how do companies get the most business value from design beyond its traditional role as an executional tool, particularly at a time of accelerated disruption. Our speakers will reveal their experiences in this space and discuss how design can be used as a strategic tool. How it can help foster business creativity to define what companies do next and the executional design briefs that get them there whilst ensuring designers retain their disciplinary executional fire power. --- Our Speakers and Curator --- MATTHEW COCKERILL (Guest Curator) Matthew is an independent strategic designer and innovation consultant. He helps design and business leaders decide what to do next through the design of near future physical + digital products & experiences. He’s worked with Samsung, Google, HTC, LG and Panasonic to unlock near future opportunities, helped Fairphone get to market with the world’s first ethical modular smartphone, designed award winning TV experiences for Samsung and reinvented the funeral experience for a visionary billionaire. Tweet version: Unexpected, relevant solutions for what's next. Twitter: twitter.com/math64 — ANDREA MIGNOLO Andrea is a designer who has been exploring interactions between humans and technology for the last fifteen years. Her research interests center around the role of reflective practices in organizational design and development. Andrea is currently Vice President of Product & Design at Movable Ink where she helps craft product strategy, innovation, creative direction, and development. She is also Vice President of the Interaction Design Association, serving on the organization's Global Board of Directors. Andrea holds an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management where she concentrated on enhancing mutual intelligibility between the realms of design and business, a BA in Technocultural Studies from Oberlin College, and is a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West. Twitter: twitter.com/pnts -- MARINA SUSHENTSEVA Marina is a venture builder and innovation professional with BCG Digital Ventures. She helps corporations build innovative startups and products, focussed on solving acute frictions in their markets. She worked with companies in consumer goods, financial services, industrial goods, energy, utilities and construction sectors globally. Amongst the startups she and her team launched recently is FYLD, an AI-based remote collaboration and field force productivity tool for Utilities (www.fyld.ai). www.bcgdv.com --

  • Remote Movie Night

    Needs a location

    Tickets on sale (for free) at 12pm as usual. As so many of us are isolating ourselves, we thought we'd try something different this month. A remote IxDA London meetup. Our first time in 9 years where we won't see each other in person. But it's safer that way. To guarantee some value, we are going back to one of our staples — the legendary Movie Night. This will be our 9th movie night and it's one of the simplest events we host every year, and one of the best. Internationally revered, we'll even be able to invite some of our peers from all over the world. We'll be gathering clips showcasing the best, most interesting and most debate-worthy video clips related to Interaction Design. Then we'll be playing them using some form of video conferencing/media sharing technology, and inviting your comments and discussion. If you have seen any interesting video clips recently send them over and we'll review them for our list. Looking forward to seeing your little cropped faces and curated backgrounds. Boon and Jason

  • Interaction 20 Redux

    Publicis Sapient


    We're back from the Interaction 20 conference from Milan. Several kind attendees who were there will be recapping highlights from the conference. We will break from our usual format of intimate discussions to feature several rounds of lightning talks. Expect to hear perspectives related to design leadership, student design challenge, future of our craft, and more. The redux will feature the following speakers: - Daniel Harvey - Jack Strachan - Lynne Egwuekwe - John Waterworth - Dario Violi More speakers will be announced soon. Thanks to our sponsors, Futureheads and Publicis Sapient for their awesome support in making this event possible. Tickets will go live on Wednesday 19 Feb at 12pm. ——— Refund policy: We'll refund the full ticket price if you cancel 24 hours in advance, or notify us that you stayed till the end of the event. This is to avoid last-minute cancellations, no-shows and partial attendances.

  • Interaction 20 Predux



    Tickets open midday Wednesday January 2020. We're back with our annual Interaction conference Predux. Local talent will be rehearsing their talks with the community. You will get a sneak peek, learn something interesting and provide kind feedback ahead of the speakers hitting the global stage. Tickets will go fast as we will be restricting numbers for a kind and intimate environment. Get them now. -- Huge thanks to our sponsors, Futureheads and R/GA for this month's event. The upfront £10 fee will be refundable if you register with us at the event, or inform us of cancellations 24 hours ahead of time. -- TALKS SIMONA CIOCOIU How to build a common language - designing tools for transport planning Supporting transport planners, economists and engineers in speaking the same language when creating digital tools. https://interaction20.ixda.org/program/how-to-build-a-common-language-designing-tools-for-transport-planning#speaker-simona-ciocoiu - JOHN WATERWORTH Holding together your learning, thinking and making, or How I learned to stop worrying and love hypotheses Hypotheses are a great way to hold together the learning, thinking and making in an agile and user-centred team. But lots of organisations struggle to use them well. In this talk I'll give you my take on hypotheses and the practices you need in place to make them effective in your organisation. https://interaction20.ixda.org/program/holding-together-your-learning-thinking-and-making-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-hypotheses -- ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS Simona Ciocoiu I am a UX Designer in Arup’s Digital practice, where I work on web based tools that explore new uses of data in the built environment. My most recent work includes the design and user experience of the Greater London Authority’s Infrastructure Mapping Application, and the proof of concept for a flood modeling tool for the New York Metropolitan Transport Authority. Previously, I was part of the Intel Collaborative Research Institute, where I combined design and hands on making skills to assist with the deployment of IoT prototypes and production of demos -- John Waterworth I lead the user research practice at dxw digital. Making sure that our clients have a deep understanding of why and how people use the services we are creating together. Starting out as a technologist, I have been designing and making digital things since the early 1980s. My work is now focused on how we can design and make products and services that work well for the people who need them. And how individuals, families, communities and other stakeholders can participate in creating the services they use. Previously, I was Head of User Research at the Government Digital Service and lead the user research community across government.

  • Systems Design

    Brilliant Basics


    We're back this month with another strategic-design themed event, this time exploring the topic of systems design and a few key questions: 1) How can designers solve problems across complex spaces with multiple actors and conflicting needs? 2) Systems Design: what does this mean to us? We have one great speaker confirmed and another one just confirming details. SYSTEMS DESIGN User-centred systems empower people to thrive in the face of ever-changing environments. Carefully crafted systems can offer new kinds of human-machine, machine to machine collaboration supported with intelligent technologies that centred around the user. Some call this smart services, data-driven design, in any form, such "smartness" of services amplify business data through analytics and connected applications and create foundations to design new kinds of business processes and user interactions. System design is a practice that enables designers to dive beyond the surface, work collaboratively with business, partners and tech experts to optimise complex systems or multiple systems to offer single, smart interactions. With the fundamental design principles in hand, working at the system level creates opportunities for companies to leverage data, address user, business and sustainability goals more effectively. This way of creating responsible services and a healthy balance on how people and machines work together. Methodologies such as system maps, system blueprint and advance task analysis are some of the highly useful tools improve collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. In this session, I will talk about the practice of system design as an emerging design discipline and share some methodologies and application of system design. -- THE VALUE EGG Value comes in many shapes and flavours, tonight we’ll get a taste of the Value Egg and how to hold connected conversations -- NUR KARADENIZ Nur leads a diverse group of designers and our experience crafts to create design led innovations and find creative ways of working in multidisciplinary teams and tech experts. With a solid background in user centred design, she has been practising design under various titles in a wide range of industries and led design as a practice. Her passion is designing services that are ethical, uncover the unseen, empower designers and help businesses to thrive in this digital era. -- NICLAS LJUNGBERG Niclas is a strategist who started with a Master’s degree in economics, and has since spent 25 years helping people change their minds, working in branding and design thinking, innovation and start-ups, change management and transformation, and most lately service design. End of the day, his hunch is it is all about story telling. -- Huge thanks to our sponsors, Futureheads and Brilliant Basics for this month's event. The upfront £10 fee will be refundable if you register with us at the event, or inform us of cancellations 24 hours ahead of time.