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In one of the most amazing examples of inclusion in American history, an abled majority learned to sign to accommodate a deaf minority. From the 1600s to the 1950s when it died out, Martha’s Vineyard sign language was a second language that everyone in town used in everyday situations. It was also a precursor to American Sign Language (ASL)

What were the factors that led to this utopia? How did signing become an integral part of life, something that everyone knew as a life skill, like fishing or planting crops?

Find out as we kick off #ID24, a 24-hour webinar with some of the most interesting speakers in the field of inclusive design.

7:00 pm - IxDA Miami networking
7:45 pm - ID24 preshow
8:00 pm - Presentation
9:00 pm - After party

About the speaker
Claudio is a certified accessibility professional with over 20 years’ experience in UX design and front-end development. He is an accessibility expert that handles digital experiences that include web, mobile, native, augmented reality, kiosks and gaming.