Nº 137 :: Changing behavior through psychology in design

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Welcome to the 137th IxDA Oslo meetup!

To succeed in designing good products and services, we need to know how people work. How can we convince our colleagues to start using new tools? How can ensure that new service/product concepts don't rot away on the shelf? How can we get people to change their daily habits? How can we use behavioural psychology when designing for digital channels?

Find out at our next event, from two experts in this field: Irmelin Bergh, advisor at Netlife Design with a PhD in Psychology and Josina Vink, Associate Professor at AHO.

📝On the agenda 📝

:: 18:00—18:30
Welcome, snacks, and mingling
While we run around and get the final pieces in place for the event, you can grab a seat, have a snack and chat to our other lovely attendees.

:: 18:30—18:35
Opening remarks

:: 18:35—19:20
What are the implications of introducing new technologies - the challenges and possibilities? How can we contribute to better change processes both as individuals or within big organisations, by facilitating peoples’ inner motivation?

:: 19:20—19:30
Q&A, ask your burning psychology-meets-design questions!

Break time! Stretch your legs, grab another snack, or get yourself a drink 🍺

:: 19:45—20:20
All too often new service concepts end up sitting on the shelf or slowly eroding over time when implemented. Josina's talk will introduce a systemic view on service design and some supporting methods that can help people more strategically work toward long-term change. Using examples from the healthcare context, Josina will challenge traditional assumptions about service design and present an alternative direction for a more collective, ongoing process of intentional change.

:: 20:20—20:30
Q&A, ask more psychology-meets-design questions!

::20:30—Until MESH kicks us out
Back to mingling! Connect to the rest of the community, have a chat with us, and meet the speaker!

🗣The speakers 🗣

Irmelin works as an advisor in Netlife Design. She has a PhD in psychology with special knowledge of and interest in behaviour change.

Josina’s work/research at AHO is about reshaping social structure (norms, rules, values, beliefs) in order to realize long-term fundamental change in systems. If we don’t redesign the social structures guiding our ways of working we only design concepts that don’t get implemented, or they get eroded over time or we get trapped making incremental improvements in a doomed system.

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Can't make it in person? Watch the livestream at https://vimeo.com/383992052 or at https://facebook.com/ixdaoslo