• Nº 133 :: Machine Learning and Creative Power

    Can artificial intelligence help us be more creative? Welcome to the 133rd IxDA Oslo meetup! How can artificial intelligence tools augment our creative process? We will hear from two creatives who use A.I. and machine learning as an integrated part of their work: Andreas Refsgaard and Sofia Crespo. 18:00—18:30 Chats, snacks and mingling While we run around and get the final pieces in place for the event, you can get welcomed in, grab a seat, have a snack and chat to one of our other lovely attendees. 18:30—18:35 Opening remarks 18:35—19:20 SOFIA CRESPO Sofia Crespo shares the journey of how she was introduced to machine learning, explaining the basic concepts that played a role in changing her way of seeing images and creating visual compositions. She provides examples of good-to-have tools, useful to designers/artists/tinkerers. She will also show her latest project, Neural Zoo: Nature reimagined with generative algorithms. 19:20—19:30 Break 19:30—20:15 ANDREAS REFSGAARD Andreas Refsgaard will describe how machine learning has become an integrated part of the practice. By enabling people to decide upon, and train their own unique controls for a system, the creative power shifts from the designer of the system to the person interacting with it. The talk will include several of his playful projects, where he actively seeks out unconventional connections between inputs and outputs using simple machine learning techniques. Games are controlled by making silly sounds, music is composed by drawing instruments on paper and algorithms are trained to decide what is funny, funky or boring. More recently Andreas has been experimenting with using machine learning to create new text and images based on large amounts of training data. Amongst other things, he will take about his new project Booksby.ai - an online bookstore which sells science fiction novels generated by an artificial intelligence.