• #132 :: Service design across borders

    IMPORTANT NOTE! We are experimenting with a new ticketing platform called Confetti. You need to sign up for your ticket there! Hitting 'going' on Meetup will not be enough to secure yourself a ticket. Sign up on Confetti here: https://ixda.confetti.events/ixda-oslo-n-132 -------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the 132nd IxDA Oslo meetup! UX/Interaction Design is getting increasingly intertwined with its Service Design sister. We wanted to run an event centred around just that, to better understand the goals, boundaries and outcomes of service design. On stage, we'll have three fantastic women from the northern hemisphere — Linn Vizard from Canada, as well as Kaja and Emilie from Norway. Don't miss out on their stories, perspectives and insights! :: SCHEDULE :: 18:00—18:30 Registration, snacks and mingling While we run around and get the final pieces in place for the event, you can get checked in, grab a seat, have a snack and chat to one of our other lovely attendees. 18:30—18:35 Opening remarks 18:35—19:20 :: Linn Vizard: The Material of Outcomes :: As an industrial designer or even digital product designer, outcomes are clear and concrete - a new piece of furniture is in market, or an update to the app or website has been shipped. For service designers, we grapple with the non-’thing’-ness of the work we are doing. What is a service made of, and how can we tell when we really made an impact on it? How might we expand our thinking to consider a range of outcomes, from implemented, in-market, physical and material changes, to shifts in mindsets, perspectives, and the creation of new conversations and capabilities? Service design is having a crisis of confidence regarding the impact of our work. Let’s delve into a taxonomy of outcomes, and think in a broader and more nuanced way about impact. 19:20-19:30 Break 19:30—20:15 :: Kaja Kistorp + Emilie Strømmen Olsen: Living the Service Design Dream :: The field of service design has been growing in Norway the last 5-10 years. Today we have a significant ecosystem for service design - with a healthy industry, public funding, research and education and a growing public and private client base. Emilie and Kaja have been working on service design projects, research and education from the very beginning here in Norway. They will share some experiences and reflect on impact and challenges seen from a service designer's perspective.

  • #131 :: How FINN and Vipps design for Mobile

    IMPORTANT NOTE! We are experimenting with a new ticketing platform called Confetti. You need to sign up for your ticket there! Hitting 'going' on Meetup will not be enough for this event. Sign up on Confetti here: https://ixda.confetti.events/meetup-131 -------------------------------------------------------- Join us at MESH for an evening of inspiration and debate. Take a peek into ⇢FINN and ⇢Vipps, two of Norway’s strongest digital brands. We have two fantastic talks lined up, where our speakers share case studies while delving into their approach, perspectives, learnings, and their take on mobile design. ☛ FINN.no: A closer look at the brand new filtering experience Thuy, Senior UX/UI Designer at FINN.no and Lead designer for the app, gives you an in-depth design geek-out on the work behind the brand new filtering experience for the app, principles that guided the way, surprising discoveries, their designer-developer relationship and how he believes that they've created the most complex, but still user-friendly, modal bottom sheet in the world. ☛ Vipps: Ninni, Product Manager, and Max, Head of Design, will share their story of how they built the two-part onboarding of Vipps for kids. More details coming soon! → Find out more / and sign up here: https://ixda.confetti.events/meetup-131

  • Nº 130:: Promise, policy and possibility

    Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA)

    Sign up here: https://ixda.confetti.events/march-quartet On the afternoon of Friday 22 March, we invite you to DOGA for talks by Rachel Abrams, Balder Onarheim, Chris Atherton, Justin Smith and Jeff Sussna. Rachel Abrams: First people, then policy, then technology Balder Onarheim: Designing focus Chris Atherton: Cognitive Fables for the Digital Age Justin Smith: It's all over Jeff Sussna: Beyond the Designer As Auteur We look forward to seeing you at DOGA! Sign up here: https://ixda.confetti.events/march-quartet

  • Design Systems Meetup

    Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA)

    UPDATE[masked] :: WE ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. There are 400 people attending and 200 on the waiting list. For more information about the event, please head over to https://ds-meetup.confetti.events - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Talks by Tim Paul, GOV.UK :: Christian Nordström, Ingrid Hagelund & Ronny Siikaluoma, Ruter :: Marianne Askheim, ABB :: Øyvind Johannessen & Eirik Backer, NRK :: Collin Remst, Norsk Tipping :: Ragnhild Ask Torvik, DIPS :: Sergio Haisch, NAV :: Jonas Skjærpe, NAV This event is jointly produced by NAV IT, Ruter and IxDA Oslo

  • #129 :: Co-designing the IPCC special report on Global Warming 1.5 ºC

    SIGN UP HERE: https://ixda.confetti.events/co-designing-the-ipcc-special-report :: LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE :: Join us at Sentralen to hear the inside story of how scientists, designers, cognitive experts and communication specialists have co-created the key visualizations of the most important climate report of the 21st century, the IPCC special report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC. In December 2015, 195 countries endorsed the Paris agreement with the goal of limiting the increase in global warming to 1.5 °C. On this occasion the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the intergovernmental body of the United Nations dedicated to providing the world with an objective, scientific view of climate change and its political and economic impacts, was invited to provide a special report to make sure governments around the world could understand the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C compared to 2 °C. The IPCC special report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC was launched in October 2018 and has been called the most important climate report of the 21st century. The summary for policy-makers, which is the essence of the report, was approved word by word in South Korea after seven days of non-stop negotiations. The figures of the report are the result of an unprecedented collaboration between scientists, designers, cognitive experts and communication specialists. Through talks and insightful conversations we will hear the protagonists of an extraordinary story of co-design and impact.

  • IxDA Oslo presents - Gary Hustwit's «Rams»

    IxDA Oslo invites you to the Norway premiere of Rams: Gary Hustwit’s new feature-length documentary that looks at the life and philosophy of pioneering designer Dieter Rams. ⚠️ ➡️ This is a ticketed event, and you can't RSVP here ⬅️ ⚠️ Please note that this is not one of our usual meetups. RSVP'ing here will NOT get you a ticket, so we've turned off RSVPs. 👉 To attend, please purchase at ticket at http://ixda.no/rams 👈 Dieter Rams is one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. His iconic work for Braun and Vitsœ shaped left an indelible mark on the industry and his well-executed, beautiful and long-lasting products have had a profound influence product design. Rams's philosophy of "Less, but better" and his 10 principles of good design are a must-know for every designer and UX'er. His work has influenced design luminaries such as Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Jony Ive. His ideas have been central in the shift towards minimalism in digital products and interaction design. So at 86 years old, why does he now regret being a designer? Rams is a design documentary, but it’s also a rumination on consumerism, sustainability, and how technology is changing human behavior. Dieter's philosophy is about more than just design, it’s about a way to live. Rams is the new documentary film from Gary Hustwit, whose films Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized have presented the public with a rare glimpse into the worlds of design and urbanism. The film features an original score by pioneering musician Brian Eno. After the screening, our panelists will explore the role of Rams's work today, and discuss how Rams's principles, developed in the context of the still-young discipline of object-dominated industrial design and rising awareness of environmental issues in the 1970s, have relevance in the realms of digital design, and in the other multiple hybrid disciplines design has splintered into today. We hope to see you at Vega Scene for this screening and panel debate! Please don't wait to get your ticket, they will sell out quickly, and unlike at our regular meetups at MESH, we won't be able to add more seats once the venue sells out.

  • #128 :: How to let product lead the way (and not just execute)

    As software is eating the world, a new breed of leadership defines the path for the most successful companies of today: Product leadership. It makes sure the company builds products the users love on top of a technology infrastructure that handles scale and radical improvement over time. It does so through informal leadership together with all the other aspects of the company; design, software engineering, data science, business development, sales and operations - and it does so by having a defining impact on the company’s strategy and priorities. In Norway, Product Management is still rather immature, in particular as a driving force all the way from the top of the companies. Digital transformation implies transformation, not just the addition of digital, and product management is key to get this right. In this talk, Espen Sundve, CPO at Kolonial.no, previously VP of Product Management in Schibsted Media Group and CPO/CTO in VG, will highlight key steps a company needs to take if it really wants to win in a user oriented tech world – using examples from Kolonial.no and Schibsted.

  • #127 :: Webdagene 2018 Panel debate + party


    Welcome to our annual panel debate, produced in collaboration with Webdagene! We are thrilled to bring four luminaries of our industry to the stage: Jake Knapp Father of the Design Sprint and author of "Make Time", formerly of Google Ventures Cara Rose deFabio Writer, producer and performer, currently considering futures with economic security for all with The Economic Security Project Ida Jackson Author, encyclopedist and product manager currently building Folio, a new business platform for small and medium-sized enterprises Gregg Bernstein Senior director of user research at Vox Media, former research lead at MailChimp. Writer, editor, speaker, educator and runner. You can expect some hard questions about the things we build, the impact we have and what we can do to make our world better, our companies smarter and our projects more successful. After the debate, we'll continue the conversation while the DJ sets the mood. Make sure you RSVP early, the annual panel debate sells always sells out. And, thanks to Netlife/Webdagene and IxDA Oslo's wonderful sponsors, attendance is free! :: SCHEDULE :: 18:00: Doors open 18:30: Panel debate begins 19:30: Panel debate concludes 19:35: DJ Kristin Kessler gets us moving 22:00: Thank you and good night! Please note that this event takes place at Ingensteds.

  • #126 :: Uncovering what users value most

    At our September meetup, two product managers will share how they leverage user research to uncover what users value most, how they decide what to focus on, and what processes help them achieve their goals. Mikael Fløysand :: How to build a UX process to constantly create value for users Appear.in is a Norwegian video meeting startup with more than 1 million monthly users worldwide. They are challenging existing video giants like Skype, Google Meet and Zoom, by focusing ruthlessly on user experience for the millennial generation. In this talk, Product Manager Mikael Fløysand will share real-world examples from two years of turning Appear.in into a collaboration tool for business users. Mikael will tackle questions faced by every product team: - Which users should you listen to? - How should you choose which features to build? - How do you validate something before you build it? - How can you build a product process that constantly involves real customers? - Why do you have to piss off some of your users to create value for others? - Why should you focus on understanding customer problems instead of coming up with feature ideas? Kea Zhang :: Impactful discovery: Get more out of what you’re already doing Teston is a Norwegian startup building a new user research tool that makes user testing cheaper, easier and faster. Their vision is a world where all products and services are user-friendly and user-centred. In this talk, Kea Zhang, Teston's Head of Product/UX, will talk about how they do user research and share examples of how her team makes the most of available resources (time, money, people) to gain valuable research insights. Her talk will cover everything from methods and process, to mindset and values, showing how they’ve made user research key to the way they work. :: About Mikael :: A designer turned Product Manager, Mikael Fløysand has been with appear.in since 2016. He studied Graphic Design at Westerdals School of Communication, worked at Neue Design Studio before spending two years at Netlife Research as a Digital Designer. During his time at appear.in, he discovered the power of combining quantitative data (that tells you that there IS a problem) with qualitative data (that tells you WHAT the problem is) to make product decisions that creates value for the business as a whole. :: About Kea :: With a background is in UX, Human Computer Interaction and Psychology, Kea currently wears both product and UX hats at Teston. She has previous experience from working in digital agencies, startups, and the corporate world, in Oslo and London. - - - - - We'll be fielding audience questions via Sli.do, and look forward to a highly interactive session at MESH! Feel free to bring a friend.

  • #125 :: IxDA & SDN Oslo August Meetup :: Design ❤️ Equality

    In June we marched together, and it was a beautiful celebration of equality, diversity, and love. But the conversation is far from over. On the 14th of August we will meet at MESH and, in collaboration with the brilliant friends of Service Design Network Norway, host an event on equality. We want to know what we, as an organization and a community, can do to foster positive, inclusive practices in both our work and the work environment we thrive in. We will discuss how we tend to simplify demographics when designing experiences, and how to embrace the complexity given by a diverse user base. And how to put the “fringe users” front and center by challenging not only the outcome of our work, but the way we structure the team and we choose our colleagues. Meet our speakers! Anna Kirah: Anna is Managing Director of Design without Borders. As a Design anthropologist and psychologist, Anna Kirah creates meaningful, relevant, and valuable solutions through understanding people´s motivations and expectations. https://www.annakirah.com/ "What can we do as designers? I was asked to speak about designing for equality. I have thought about this and think about the projects we work on that enhance inequality when we support the needs of companies. How do we focus on maintaining humanity in an age where we create technical/digital solutions without thinking of the consequences? I don't have the answers but I have lots of questions. Is equality something people want? Is equality something that is a fundamental human right? How can we talk of equality when so much of the work we do only enhances inquality? How can we talk of equality when our world is changing so fast that we are not even capable of understanding the consequences? How can we talk of equality when we there is evidence of the lack thereof? What is our role in this as designers?" Giulia Bazoli: Giulia is a researcher and designer at Designit Oslo. Before moving to Norway, she lived in London working for the Government Digital Service (GDS) focusing on redesigning GOV.UK. Across her career, she has been always drawn to gender related issues: from taboos around menstruation affecting rural Indian teenagers to addressing sexual health for the LGBTQ community in Lebanon. Are we unconsciously designing for a ‘default user’? What are the implications of doing that? Giulia’s talk will focus on ways to create a more diverse and inclusive mindset throughout the design process and to embed those values within your organization, to ultimately create experiences that are truly for everyone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IxDA ❤️SDN For our friends over at SDN, the Interaction Design Association, or IxDA, is the global community of Interaction and User Experience Designers and Lovers. The Oslo chapter was founded back in 2010 (with some backstory) and works tirelessly to create an exciting, inclusive environment for all designers—and people interested in design—that reside in Oslo or are just passing by! For our friends over at IxDA, Service Design Network (SDN) is a large network of designers, academics and companies around the world. The Norway chapter aims to support the ever-growing Service Design community in Norway and create a forum where people can come together and discuss experiences, challenges and ideas related to Service Design.