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PDX IxDA Reboot: Co-Create A Gallery Of The Possible!

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Nina A.


It’s a new year, and… wait a minute--it’s almost ANOTHER new year! Where have we all been? Hey, hey, IxDA Portland, it’s been too long! Time for a REBOOT!

Please join us in our first IxDA Portland quest: design the year ahead! We’ll provide light snacks, tasty beverages, and walls filled with ideas for programs we hope you'll, love in the months to come. We'll ask you to whip out the old sticky notes, markers, and brain power to make these ideas better and add your own to the mix. Come, co-curate the future together, connect with old friends and new colleagues in Jama's swanky SW offices, and have a jolly ‘ol Thursday evening with us!

Your new IxDA Portland co-chairs,
Nina Alter and Eva Miller
Jama Software
135 SW Taylor St, Suite 200 · Portland, OR
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