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Our July event is almost fully planned, we're keen to get the info out to you all and get your interest spurring. Save the date!

We have three talks confirmed.
Our FIRST is from the awesome Edinburgh based peeps at Sketch (that's right, the app all you hooligans use for fancy design works) which we've been aiming to bring in now since last year. Finally their schedule may just allow them to come visit the community for the evening.
Christopher Downer from the team will be presenting 'What's new in Sketch', giving us an insight to the new features and changes coming to the app. So if you're a super keen user, this is not to be missed!

Our SECOND talk is from Stewart Bradford, a design manager at Fanduel. He'll be taking us through how the team use Abstract and Sketch together in order to make a great collaborative design process. Something that is rapidly becoming a go to method for running large teams. Stewart previously wrote an article on this subject which you can find here:
Understanding a successful teams process is always an intriguing opportunity.

Our THIRD and final talk is from Simon Duncan, a Lead UX Designer at Scott Logic. Their team helps discover, understand and solve complex problems across the private and public sectors.
Simon will share his experience in practicing depth as a designer. These learnings will arm you with plans for (re)discovering the benefits of focus and depth.
To understand and solve problems well requires focus and depth of thought. Yet, unless mindful, our lives of IMs, notifications, emails and meetings don’t afford either. Breaking habits that fragment and splinter our time takes significant effort. Focus is a muscle, not a switch; from conscious exercise come both better work and greater satisfaction.

We will post further refined details here and on social media, including if we have anymore information on content or the event.

One of our recurring and primary sponsors are happy to welcome us back so soon, Fanduel.
The venue is the Fanduel offices based at Quartermile 1 on Lauriston Place.

*Our events start at 6pm to begin at 6.25/6.30, allowing for time to grab some refreshments and chat away*

Come along for another great community get together, learn something new in the world of UX, Design and Tech.
Grab some food, beer and get to know other awesome people here with the same passion, especially our amazing international guest! Whether that’s user centred design, accessibility, design leadership, information architecture, usability testing.... so many things and the topics always change per meetup.