Practical Approach to Jobs to Be Done


Jobs to be done can be a useful tool in any designers toolbox to help us better understand how to create value for customers. As products increase in functionality and what's offered to customers, it incrementally improves over time. Over time, disruptive competitors can enter the market and chip away at existing products creating disruption.

Jobs to be done is a framework that helps us look at the goals that customers have and what they're trying to get done. The primary focus of the framework is to help us create an experience that meets core customer needs with a focus around what they're trying to get done.

In this discussion we'll cover the following:
- A brief overview of the Jobs to be done (JTBD) framework
- A value creation model that extends our view into customers' needs
- Approaches to become outcome driven

Our presenter for the night is Bermon Painter. Bermon is the innovation and strategy director at EY wavespace™. The Charlotte wavespace is one of EY's innovation centers equipped with accelerator programs, co-creation activities, and facilitated design thinking sessions to help teams get in the mindset of approaching challenging problems differently, reinforcing the value of diverse thinking, and creating solutions through rapid prototyping. Before joining EY, Bermon led various cross-discipline teams that crafted holistic product experiences from strategy to implementation.

He frequently speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world. In his local community, Bermon organizes numerous free community events, hosts a quarterly mini-conference called FusionConf, and is the president of the Charlotte IxDA chapter. In his free time, he enjoys drinking a tasty frosted mug of root beer while maniacally twisting his mustache.