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Family Engagement with the Bender JCC & PJ Library

What is J Play?

The Bender JCC of Greater Washington, along with PJ Library, welcomes Montgomery County families to join us for fun-filled Jewish experiences both inside and outside the walls of the Bender JCC. Through play dates, community events, and holiday celebrations we aim to connect families and build friendships in their geographic area (Play dates occur throughout MoCo, not just Rockville).

The Bender JCC embraces and welcomes the diversity of our community and encourages everyone to seek meaning and fulfillment by participating in our rich programming inspired by our Jewish heritage. We open our doors to everyone, including people of all backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations, and interfaith couples and families. Inclusion permeates our Center.

What else can families with young children do at the Bender JCC?

From our renowned preschool (http://www.benderjccgw.org/early-childhood/preschool/) and camp (http://www.benderjccgw.org/camp-youth-teens/camp-jcc/) programs to our resource-packed parenting center (http://www.benderjccgw.org/early-childhood/parenting-center/), children and families thrive at the Bender JCC. The Bender JCC provides activities, classes and educational opportunities for the whole family. Celebrate Jewish holidays (http://www.benderjccgw.org/arts-culture-jewish-life/holiday-center-celebrations/), cultivate essential developmental skills, and create play-filled memories and much more. The Bender JCC also offers a fantastic fitness (http://www.benderjccgw.org/fitness-aquatics-sports/family-health-fitness/) experience for your young ones. Children can make a splash in our indoor and outdoor pools (http://www.benderjccgw.org/fitness-aquatics-sports/aquatics/), run around in our children’s play gyms, and take entry level sports (http://www.benderjccgw.org/fitness-aquatics-sports/sports-leagues/), arts, dance, and music (http://www.benderjccgw.org/arts-culture-jewish-life/arts-dance-music/) courses.

Jewish Bedtime Stories & Songs

PJ Library

Parents of small children know that stories are for more than just bedtime. The wonderful habit of ending your child’s busy day by reading together inspired this popular national program funded in part through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Greater Washington families raising Jewish children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years old. Subscriptions (one per family) are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to join in as well!

Join a growing global community of more than 200,000 PJ Library families throughout North America and Israel and sign up today! Enroll here! (http://pjlibrary.org/Communities/Enroll-in-a-Community.aspx?id=303)

Visit PJ Library of Greater Washington (http://pjlibrary.org/communities/greater-washington-dc/303) to learn more about our local PJ Library Community.

Keshet Sfarim

Keshet Sfarim (https://www.israeliamerican.org/keshet-sfarim) is an IAC enrichment program for families with children ages 2-8. To cultivate a connection to Judaism, this program brings together Hebrew language learning with Israeli culture through hand-picked children’s books. During the school year, families will receive books carefully selected by educators, and delivered to their homes once a month.

.8-2 למשפחות עם ילדים בגילאים IAC קשת היא תכנית העשרה מבית
דרך טיפוח הקשר ליהדות
.התכנית מפגישה בין למידת השפה העברית לתרבות הישראלית באמצעות ספרי ילדים שנכתבו על ידי מיטב הסופרים הישראלים
במהלך השנה ישלחו ישירות לבית אחת לחודש ספרי ילדים מטובי הסופרים אשר נבחרו בקפידה על ידי אנשי חינוך

Visit Keshet Sfarim (https://www.israeliamerican.org/keshet-sfarim) to learn how to sign up.

Please contact Jennifer Radosh, our Family Program Coordinator, at jradosh@benderjccgw.org or 301-348-3848 with any questions, suggestions, or just to help out!

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