The Inaugural JAMstack Philly Meetup, hosted by TakeShape (Techstars '19)

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🎉 We are excited to host the Inaugural JAMstack Philly Meetup! 🎉

Join us as we explore the benefits of modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre-rendered Markup. We'll eat pizza, network, learn, and most importantly have fun!

All are welcome - no JAMstack experience required! Food and drinks will be provided.

Thanks to our partners for making this event possible: Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, Techstars, FaundaDB, and Gatsby.


Host: Mark Catalano
Bio: Mark is CEO and Co-founder of TakeShape ( Prior to TakeShape, Mark co-founded and was Managing Director of Ronik, an award-winning creative agency in Brooklyn. He's built everything from traditional media sites, to interactive experiences, and now developer tools. Mark is an enthusiastic advocate for the JAMstack.
Twitter: @markcatalano

Speaker: Andrew Sprouse
Title: All You Ever Wanted To Know About GraphQL
Description: GraphQL has taken the API world by storm! If you've been RESTing on your laurels we'll get you up to speed with an introduction to GraphQL and some helpful tips to remember when you build out your first GraphQL API.
Bio: Andrew is Co-founder and CTO of TakeShape (, a platform for developers building on the JAMstack.
Twitter: @asprouse

Speaker: Nathaniel May
Title: JAMStack Data: The Final Frontier
Description: Travel through the history of the internet to understand the need for JAMStack apps, and to recognize that now is the time to revolutionize the way we access data
Bio: Nathaniel May is a senior engineer at FaunaDB ( He spent 5 years consulting for Red Hat and MongoDB and has seen companies repeatedly run into the same problems over and over leading him to believe that there is a better way to build applications. When he's not tinkering with Scala and Databases he's usually at rehearsal getting ready to make a fool of himself onstage with local improv comedy teams.
Twitter: @codenoodle