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"The Guest Cat", by Takashi Hiraide

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We will be discussing "The Guest Cat", by Takashi Hiraide. The Formal Discussion will begin at 7:30.


[Review by Juan Vidal, NPR]

A best-seller in France and recipient of Japan's prestigious Kiyama Shohei Literary Award. The best novels are often the ones that change us. They speak to a void, sometimes quietly, other times loudly from the proverbial rooftop. When done right, they bring to the surface important questions and compel us to look inward. Over time, they stay with us — like small miracles... In just under 140 pages, "The Guest Cat" spans a wide spectrum of emotion and detail. Takashi Hiraide, the Japanese poet and novelist, blindsided me. His prose — so illuminating and achingly poetic — made me care. Damn it, it made me care a lot. About cats. The thing about cats is this: You either love them or you hate them. In this way, they are perhaps the most polarizing of all animals. Yet, as our narrator points out early on, "When I think about it now, rather than my not being a cat lover, it may simply have been that I felt a disconnect with people who were cat lovers."