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JET is going to be a big hit! Join us!

Creating a mobile and web app is expensive and most often, time consuming.

Join us in the workshop as we introduce JET, the fastest, easiest and cost effective way to create mobile apps and web app without learning programming codes.

Business owners, C management, IT managers, individuals looking to start up a business providing consulting services, are strongly encouraged to participate.

We believe that by empowering everyone the ability to create mobile apps, it will help companies speed up their digital transformation process, saving time and a lot of money!

You may also join us as certified trainers and consultants. You will be able to capitalize on JET by providing your services to companies and organizations.

Do not hesitate! Join us as we grow together!

Yours sincerely

Jin Chong

JET Founder

Managing Director of 7-Network Pte Ltd (Singapore)

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