Multihull magician in the house!


When more than one hull is involved, Kim Alfreds is the local 'go to' guy. He’s done some amazing things with the original trimaran Cheekee Monkee <" class="linkified">> (; and he’s about to do more amazing things with the new Cheekee Monkee all carbon catamaran <" class="linkified">> (;

In fact, recently it was said that you can learn more in 20 minutes than in 10 years with other instructors. If you have any interest in multihulls, don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn from the best. Kim also happens to be much more than an accomplished sailor. Read more <" class="linkified">> (;

Most importantly to our community, his father founded the original JIB SET and Kim has some of his own magical experiences from way back then.