• Joy tennis tokyo vol.20



    Hello, We are "JOY TENNIS TOKYO". ☆ Would you like to play tennis in Japan? ☆ Would you like to make tennis friends in Japan? ☆ Don't you want to study Japanese through tennis? foreigners and Japanese will hold an event to enjoy tennis together. We will enjoy tennis together for three hours. Please come and visit us. 【Details】 ◆Date / time Saturday, September 28 14:00-15:00 Play tennis(Practice) 15:00-17:00 Play tennis (Doubles game Foreigners vs Japanese) ----- 18:00-20:00 Drinking Party in "Italian restaurant"(Option, Extra charge, Split the bill) ◆Place Komae Lawn Tennis Club http://komae-its.com/company/index.html#access 2-1-5 Nakaizumi, Komae City, Tokyo About 10 minutes on foot from Odakyu Line "Komae Station" ◆Tennis Court Artificial grass court with sand ◆How to apply Please check your participation schedule. And if you can join party or not,leave a comment. ◆Capacity Foreigner and Japanese total 16 people. (College students or older can participate.) ◆Entry fee 4,000 yen / person (Please pay at the venue on the day.) Those who join the party will be charged separately. ◆Notes It will be canceled in case of rain. In case of cancellation it will be posted on this page two hours before the event. Those who were absent without notice will be charged an entry fee at a later date. We are also looking for other site. ◆Organizer Tennis Shop LAFINO http://www.lafino.co.jp/ Kenji Oikawa For the time being it will be held once a month. ------------------------------------- こんにちは。 私達は”JOY TENNIS TOKYO”です。 ☆外国の方とテニスをしたくないですか? ☆外国人のテニス仲間をつくりたくないですか? ☆テニスを通して、英語を勉強したくないですか? 日本人と外国の方が一緒にテニスを楽しむイベントを開催します。 3時間一緒にテニスを楽しみます。 残念ながら、これだけ外国の方が日本にいらしているのに テニスコートでは、中々その姿を見かけることがありません。 その環境を少しずつ、作っていきたいと考え、立ち上げた会です。 ◆日時 9月28日、土曜日 14時~15時 テニス(練習会) 15時~17時 テニス(ダブルス試合 外国チーム 対 日本チーム) ----- 18時~20時 イタリアンレストランでの懇親会(希望者のみ、別料金になります。割勘) ◆開催場所 狛江ローンテニスクラブ http://komae-its.com/company/index.html#access 東京都狛江市中和泉2-1-5 小田急線「狛江駅」から徒歩約10分 ◆テニスコート 砂入り人工芝コート ◆申し込み方法 《参加予定》をチェックしてください。 懇親パーティに参加可能かどうか、コメントを残して下さい。 ◆募集人数 日本人、外国人 合計で16人募集します。 大学生以上の方が参加できます。 ◆参加料 お一人、4,000円(税込) 当日、会場でお支払下さい。 懇親パーティに参加される方は別料金になります。実費を人数割りします。 ◆その他 雨天時は中止となります。中止の場合は2時間前にこのページに掲示します。 無断欠席された方は、参加料を後日お支払頂きます。 他のサイトでも募集しています。 ◆主催 テニスショップLAFINO http://www.lafino.co.jp/ イベント担当 及川研司 ※毎月1回開催予定です。

  • Ishinomaki City Tennis Camp 2019 - We will never forget that day through tennis

    ◆Information on this tennis camp. It will be held following last year. In March 2011, a great earthquake hit the northeastern part of Japan. 8 years have passed since then. In order to keep the memory on the day refreshed and pass it over to the next generations, and in order to avoid an unnecessary damage again, we will be visiting Ishinomaki City and Higashimatsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture for learning. No only will this camp include tennis activities but lot of events. The following are planned events: ◆ Earthquake disaster learning ☆ Ishinomaki city tsunami reached area tour ("Ganbaro Ishinomaki" signboard, etc.) ☆ lecture from the damaged in Higashimatsushima ☆ Disaster training at "Kiboccia! ◆ Tennis activities ☆ Competing against the team in Ishinomaki City ☆ Volunteer lessons for the children in Ishinomaki City ☆ Participation in Ishinomaki Citizen Convention (only for those who want to) ☆ Social gathering with the Ishinomaki City tennis players (enjoy some local seafood and drink local "sake".) We will make some donation to the tennis club of the school in Ishinomaki City. Description Matsushima, the lodging area, is one of the three most beautiful views in Japan. BBQ in Matsushima on the first night after the tennis practice is scheduled. On the next morning, we can enjoy the spectacular view of Matsushima Bay. The dinner on the second day will be in a social gathering in Ishinomaki City. Let's enjoy local seafood and local sake. Last year’s camp was comprised of about 10 people. All of them told that each of them had an opportunity to learn and recognize a lot about the disaster. The leaders of the camp are Oikawa and the former coach of Japanese coach Deaf Tennis, Kimihiro Naito. As far as the meeting/ leaving is concerned, to join us directly at Ishinomaki City as well as to leave us there is possible as your option. Partial participation also is available. Of course, participants from the Tohoku area are welcome and appreciated. Please contact us if you are interested in this camp. I hope to be with as many tennis enthusiasts as possible there. ▼ Ishinomaki City Tennis Camp 2019 Details http://www.lafino.co.jp/fs/tennisshop/ishinomaki-tennis-201910 * Participation fee includes the transportation, events, meals except lunch on the second day. * All the profits fri this camp will be donated.