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*** המיטאפ יועבר בשידור ישיר -
האירוע מוגבל ל-100 נוכחים ראשונים בשידור
נפרסם את הלינק בהודעה למי שנרשם לאירוע
***האירוע יתקיים ללא תשלום**

CSS Code Review for Junior Devs - With Elad Shechter, CSS Architect and evangelist at AnimaApp.com @ Anima

On this special online meetup, Elad will go over your projects and give you code review!
Junior devs who are interested to get a code review form Elad are invited to send their projects with Codepen or Sandbox only!
project submissions will be accepted until Sunday, April 5, 2020, at 10:00 am.
We can't guarantee to refer all your projects but we will try to do our best!

Please send your project to my email with some additional information about your background in development: [masked]

About Elad Shechter
I am Elad Shechter, a CSS Architect and evangelist at AnimaApp.com.
At Anima, we convert web design into code automatically and create high-fidelity prototypes. My mission in Anima is to start producing beautiful CSS that engineers will love.