JS Channel Mumbai Meetup

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Inviting all JS enthusiasts for JS Channel Mumbai meet-up :

Let's get together to share our learnings, views, ideas and network.

Join fellow developers to share resources, learn, and form discussions around technical topics related to JavaScript. With this collaboration, we'll try to make the meetups more regular and diverse.

We are planning to have 3 sessions of 40-50 minutes each.

Flash Talks - You can also share your experiences, learnings, tools or problems with the community members. (10-15 minutes)

If you would like to contribute towards technical talks kindly comment here or message us directly. We are inviting developers to present and share their knowledge with the community.

Talks -

GruntJS– Let Someone Else Do My Tedious Repetitive Tasks by Manjula Dube : In this talk, she is going to talk about What and Why of Grunt. How grunt makes developers life easy. And, yes there is some chocolate to be won as well, so be prepared.

RegEx in JavaScript by Manmeet Bhurjee :This will be a talk about Regular Expressions (RegEx) in JavaScript. He’s going to talk about how RegEx provide a really powerful way to do pattern search and replace on strings. He will also walk us through some live examples to demonstrate the power of RegEx.

10 Common Mistakes Made by Angular JS Developer by Pankaj Parkar : Currently angular js is one of the most popular javascript framework. It has simplified web development process and followed good architecural pattern. However, developers tend to make some common mistakes while developing application could lead to perf impact and unmaintainable code issue. Pankaj is going to contrast on those mistakes so that you can avoid them to make your application healthy.

Exploring ES6 by Chandan Tiwari : ES6 or ECMASCRIPT 2015 is a major update to JavaScript and includes many new features such as destructuring, classes, map, set, promises etc. In this talk, Chandan is going to take us through these features with live examples.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon.

If you have any other comment, we are listening.