JS Channel Meetup #2 at Z Nation Lab

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Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year 2017. Let's start this new year with a more learning and sharing experiences.

Our venue partner is Z Nation Lab - A Startup Factory. Special thanks to them.

People who wish to share their experience or learning on any of the JavaScript topics including NodeJS are most welcome. You can contact us using comments section or direct message.

Following are the speakers who are confirmed -

Introduction to TypeScript - by Pankaj Parkar.

TypeScript is typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JS. It is pure OO with class, interface and inheritance and statically typed like C# or Java. Here, Pankaj is going to cover TypeScript fundamentals.

Closures in JavaScript - by Manmeet Bhurjee

We frequently use closures in JavaScript, and, no matter your JavaScript experience, you will undoubtedly encounter them time and again. Sure, closures might appear complex, but let’s dig in a little and try to understand Closures in the simplest form.

Functional Programming - by Dipen Bagia

Functional Programming(FP) can change the way you program for the better. In this talk, Dipen is going to get you started with Functional Programming with JS by introducing Functional Programming with its history and concepts.

Introduction to Microservices - by Rahil Shaikh

In this talk, we will have a brief introduction to Microservices. Rahil will discuss about problems it solves and challenges he has faced. He will also talk about what works and what not in case of microservices long with tools recommendation.

Please let us know if you would like to speak or have any specific topic you want some one to take on.