JS Channel Meetup #3

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Hello Everyone,

It's time for another JavaScript meetup now.

This time we have changed the format a bit. From now onwards we will be having 2 long talks of 1 hour each and 3 short or flash talks of 15 minutes each.

Following are our topics list -

Introduction to React

This introduction to React will walk you through the decisions developers should make while choosing or NOT choosing React JS. From breaking down the basic building blocks of React to getting you up and running, this talk is focused on demystifying the React ecosystem for absolute beginners.

Here is what we will cover in one hour:

1. What is react? - react for people who work with jQuery - 10 mins

2. When to choose it? - 5 mins

3. When not to choose it!? - 5 mins

4. Basic building blocks of React - 20 mins

5. Up and running in 5 mins - 5 mins

6. Small live code demo - 15 mins

7. Resources for react ( where to go next) - 5 mins

Speakers: Manjula Dube (Senior Developer) and Amit Erandole (Mad Scientist, Brandarms)


JavaScript : How to Get Started and Best Practices

This talk is intended to introduce new developers to JavaScript and help experienced developers learn more about its best practices.

Following topics will be covered in this talk -

1. About JavaScript

2. Getting Started

3. JS - The Good Parts

3. A Brief Look at JS Patterns

4. Test Test Test

5. Frameworks and Libraries

Speaker - Chandan Tiwari (Founder of AstrologyAPI.com and JavaScript Enthusiast)


Understanding scope in JavaScript

Understanding scope in JavaScript is key to writing good code. In some languages, this can be quite straightforward, but in JavaScript handling scope in your applications can sometimes become frustrating.

With this flash talk you will understand where variables/functions are accessible, be able to change the scope of your code’s context and be able to write faster and more maintainable code, as well as debug much faster.

Speaker - Manmeet Bhurjee (Tech Lead at LRN and JavaScript Expert)


Creating Multi channel bots (slack, skype, facebook messenger, etc) which understand natural language using the Open Source NodeJS SDK and BotFramework

Following topics will be covered:

* Bots aren’t new – why are they now blowing up?

* Overview of Botframework, Cognitive services and the Open Source Botframework NodeJS SDK

* We will create a bot using the NodeJS SDK and enable it for multiple channels

Speaker - Mani Bindra (Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, Speaker, JS Enthusiast and Open Source Contributor )


Thanks to Mani Bindra for the venue.

Please let us know if you have any query or suggestions. Comment below.