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We're going to have a hack day centred around realtime web technologies.

It will be a day long event - with tonnes of opportunity to learn about, and hack with, technologies such as WebSockets (, Server Sent Events (, WebRTC (, and more.

More details to come, but it's going to be awesome. (There might even be some stickers!)

Space is limited - so you must be signed up here to attend. (Also, only sign up if you're sure you can attend!)


9.30 - start (pastries & coffee)
9.40 - hello, overview of data / tools
10.00 - project pitching / choosing
10.30 - kick off
12.45 - retrospectives
1.00 - lunch (🌟 burritos ( 🌟)
5.30 - show & tell
6.30 - recovery drinks at Joe Perks (

What to bring

It'll be good to have a laptop with node/io.js installed. Any other web-connected devices (phones/tablets/raspberryPis) might be fun too.

We'll provide you with some sample code to get you up and running with some realtime apis/libraries.

If you have any particular ideas that you'd like to work on - have a think, and be ready to pitch it (max 60s); we'll be selecting a few ideas and working in teams throughout the day.