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NodeBots Day

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NodeBots are robots that are controlled by JavaScript. Come along for a day of hardware and software hacking, where we get to control the machines.

Gordon Williams ( will be joining us with a host of Espruino ( boards, components and wizardry. We also have a couple of node-powered RC cars, some Arduino Uno boards and a collection of components, as well as a few boxes of Lego Technic to let your imagination run wild.

This event is part of the International NodeBots Day.

Who should come?

Everyone! If you can write a bit of JavaScript you'll fit right in. If you know a little about electronics or Arduino then all the better, but it's not required. We'll have plenty of mentors to help and guide you throughout the day, and you've got the opportunity to hack on your own projects, play with some of the kit, or even just join a group and see what the day brings. The focus of NodeBots day is sharing and enjoying each others company.

What do I need to bring?

All you'll need is your own laptop (if you don't have one, just get in touch with us in advance and we'll do our best to sort you out), and it will help if nodejs is already installed.

If you have any components, devices or things you'd like to hack on bring them along!

We'll have tea, coffee, snacks and drinks available throughout the day, as well as pastries in the morning and burritos for lunch. Please get in touch if you have any special dietary requirements and we'll sort you out.

Who do I thank?

Mostly Ryan, totally Gordon and kind of Ben for organising the day, buying stuff, and being great.


Pusher ( - paid for the robot parts

Haybrook ( - bought us snacks, drinks & burritos

Espruino ( - Gordon provided the espruinos, both today and in general

White October ( - location, ambiance, people and coffee