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Browser Ferraris, take 2

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This month we really will be covering the challenges facing language-learning apps and CSS performance. We'll have a show-and-tell session, drinks and a good time.

We're back on track with the venue and everything's sorted for it to be a great evening.

As always, Haybrook IT are our sponsors, so you have them to thank for the venue and any mild hangovers on Thursday morning. They also happen to be really nice people, so you should totally say hi!

Plenty of Free Parking for Ladas at the Bazaar - Adam Leskis

Using the paradigm of Cathedrals vs Bazaars, this talk will focus on the current state of language learning applications and how they tackle the problem by creating a few complex things (Ferraris) when a focus on creating lots of simple combinable things (Ladas) might be better.

Full stack minus CSS - How CSS is slowly killing your users - Joe Reeve

We all have strong opinions on CSS, whether good or bad. CSS can be really helpful, but if you don't think about how it works before writing selectors, you can seriously harm the performance of your page.

We will take a look at browser implementations of CSS selectors and what that means for your CSS.

Show and Tell - Everyone

February's show and tell was awesome, so we're reprising it for May. It's a short session where you can stand up and talk about what you’ve been working on (or, something that someone else has been working on that you think is pretty cool.)

It’s a great opportunity to find people who might be able to help, or have suggestions.

Sign up here: Show and tell sign up (