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Test! Test! Test! Oh, yeah, did I say test?

That's the first thing any experienced entrepreneur or business person would say to anyone who is about ready to introduce a product or service to the marketplace. And they're absolutely right to harp on that because there's nothing more disappointing and frustrating than putting money, time, efforts and hope into a product that nobody understands or even willing to pay for it. If you've been there before, I feel your pain. If not, listen up.

This is a valuable lesson that many of us have learned the hard way. The crazy thing is, a ton of entrepreneurs - even some established businesses - are yet to learn that same lesson (I see a lot of headaches in your future).

To prevent some of you out there from falling into the same trap, we have created this Meetup Group - JUST TRY IT and decided to step away from the traditional inside-the-box thinking of random online surveys (yeah, I'm looking at you Survey Monkey, User Input and company), or asking your family and close friends' opinion about your product (they don't want to hurt your feelings...I'll just leave it at that). So, yes, we have decided to break away from the herd and do things a little differently by being a bit more creative, dramatic, forceful and direct in our approach to market research, but this initiative is guaranteed to give you a brand new perspective on Research and Development. So, if you're an entrepreneur, a product development executive, a business owner, an inventor, an artist, a designer, a coach, a software engineer, an app developer, an architect or have any kind of product, service or design you would like feedback on, this is the perfect group to join. You'll get direct, unbiased and constructive feedback about your product or service directly from people who are potentially your future customers and want nothing but to see you succeed.

While most companies spend thousands of dollars on focus groups and online surveys, everyone in this group stands ready to give it to you straight without sugar-coating anything - we'll let you know (very politely but too bad if your feelings get hurt) whether your product is ready for primetime or still needs some work. Either way, we'll hand you a nice report at the end with all the data to help you make an informed decision about your next move.

This group is also open to people who want to discover new products and services or just want to support our business community. Our primary goal in this here is to be of service to our entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors. And we want to have a ton of fun while doing it. We want to create a network that is at the same time judge, jury and primary consumer of products and services we showcase in our meetings.
So, there you have it. If you fit any of the aforementioned criteria, please join us, come on in and...
Just Try It!!!!

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