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Madison County Professional Gamers
Join us for Monday Night Gaming! We have expanded Madison County Professional Gamers to every Monday! The third Monday of the month will be Team Themed Trivia so make sure you have your trivia teams ready!

Ridgeland Library

397 U.S. 51 · Ridgeland

What we're about

We play games. If you want to learn or play more advanced games than Monopoly/Risk or if you are a fan of boardgamegeek, this is your group.

We seek to provide a good, light-hearted, honest environment for playing many euro games and card games. We started as a group that played in the homes of hosts with games brought or provided (depending on the host's collection, if any). Attendance varies from 4 to 20 with up to three or four games going on at once.

Things have since grown and now we have events at local game stores, libraries and coffee shops. In general there is something going on at least once a week.

While we still are all about face-to-face gaming, there are now events that include CCGs, role playing, and miniature warfare games. No longer are just group members hosts, but local organizations have started using out group as a place to keep the community updated on what is going on.

Examples of games we play: Settler's of Catan, Agricola, Puerto Rico, Stone Age, Suburbia, Ticket to Ride, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Munchkin.

Here is an imperfect list of games we have played: (

(Our History - This group was originally called 'Jackson Area Gamers: the Tuesday night game 2.0' This is the explanation why.)

{written in March 2013 as the JAG: tTNG 2.0 was forming} Robin and Kristen Levins did a lot to promote gaming in the Jackson area. They brought a lot of us together and introduced new people to the hobby. One of the main ways they did this was through Tuesday night gaming at their house. Fortunate for them, but unfortunate for us, they will be moving on to greater things. It is now time for the group they created to live on. We will try to continue Tuesday night gaming - and other nights as well as much as we can. None of us can take on the burden alone - so I propose we all take it on. Let the games continue.

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