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Let's play Monopoly! - Baymeadows - Short Game Rules

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We’ll be following the official rules for a Short Game, as well as the regular official rules as published by Hasbro. Notice we've moved away from the Towne Center for the Holiday Season.

RULES for a SHORT GAME (60 to 90 minutes)

1. During PREPARATION, the Banker shuffles then deals
three Title Deed cards to each player. These are free - no payment to the Bank is required.

2. You need only three houses (instead of four) on each lot of a complete color-group before you may buy a hotel. Hotel rent remains the same. The turn-in value is still one-half the purchase price, which in this game is one house less than in the regular game. if purchasing two houses on a three property color group, the next house must go on the remaining property. No double stacking on one title with-in a color group.

3. If you land in Jail you must exit on your next turn by 1) using a “Get Out of Jail Free” card if you have (or can buy) one; or 2) rolling doubles; or 3) paying $50. Unlike the standard rules, you may try to roll doubles and, failing to do so, pay the $50 on the same turn.

4. The penalty for landing on “Income Tax” is a flat $200.

5. NEW RULE - If he/she does not wish to buy the property, it is immediately sold at auction by the Banker to the highest bidder. The buyer pays to the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property. Any player, including the one who declined the option of buying it at the printed price, may bid. Bidding may start at any price.

The game ends when one player goes bankrupt if no one wants to continue on.

If the game continues, the bankrupt player hands over all property and cash as is.

If no one wants to continue, the remaining players value their property: (1) cash on hand; (2) lots, utilities and railroads owned, at the price printed on the board; (3) any mortgaged property owned, at one-half the price printed on the board;(4) houses, valued at purchase price; (5) hotels, valued at purchase price including the value of the three houses turned in. The richest player wins! Honestly - we've been playing until the bitter end. So I'm going to leave it as a game time decision.