Jacksonville, FL

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Feb 9, 2015


Hi, I'm Anne. I shape realities using every form of media available.

What topics are you interested in?

Copy, Scripts, Stories, Videos, Podcasts, Radio, Marketing, Word Press and M16s

How did you find out about #theJOMM MeetUp?

I'm encouraged by other people's ventures and want to learn all I can in the field of Internet Marketing.

What type of connections are you looking for?

I'm a producer (creator of content) looking to connect and share the profits with performers (who know systems and can market what I produce). I also wouldn't mind jumping into an Indie Author's Group and creating a publishing empire. I want it all. I'm creative, produce a lot of content and ideas and for an added bonus, I'm also a Libra. It would be nice to get to focus on just creating while someone else does the website crud - I only do it for necessity.