Transition into authoring more advanced DAX with CALCULATE!

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Presenter: Mitchell Pearson

Filter context is an incredible feature in Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) that makes everything go, specifically authoring your DAX formulas is astonishingly easy when compared to other programming languages. Those same DAX formulas are then reused all over your reports in different visualizations and in different ways, hooray for filter context!

But, what if the default behavior of filter context is hindering your progress? What if it’s making it impossible to solve more complex problems? If you want to cross that threshold from writing intro level DAX formulas to authoring more complex calculations, then you need CALCULATE!

Calculate is simple enough to use but has powerful application. Calculate allows you to ignore or change the current filter context unlocking a whole new world of possibilities! In this session you will learn how to leverage the powerful Calculate function to solve seemingly difficult problems with ease!