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Special Event: Peter Moss Workshop and Concert
Peter Moss is back for one of his whirlwind tours visiting ukulele groups throughout Florida, and JUKES is excited to welcome him for another great workshop! Cost is $20 per person. Please rsvp early so that we can print your copies of the workshop materials! Thanks! SUMMER BREEZES - This workshop (Fun Shop) is based on the song “The Summer Wind,” a beautiful song made famous by “Old Blue Eyes” himself and a must for those that like a ballad style of tune. It uses chords that most intermediate players will recognize, and Peter will introduce a couple of new alternatives that can be used within other songs, building on your chord library. There are two vocal parts as standard and a 3rd can be added for the more adventurous. For a bit of variety there is also a change of key and a well-suited ending. This workshop has been very well received internationally, creating a concert standard piece to add to your existing repertoire.

Ken and Cee Cee's house

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