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FREE Month Long Beginning West Coast Swing Dance Course
FREE Month Long Beginning West Coast Swing Dance Course This Meetup is for a Free month long West Coast Swing Dance Course being offered by the Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club. The entire course is absolutely free for those taking the classes for the first time and all Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club members! If you are repeating the classes from a previous month, we ask that you join our club ($40/yr) to help us continue to promote West Coast Swing dancing in the community. So what is West Coast Swing (WCS)? For those new, West Coast Swing is a smooth form of swing dancing that has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years. It can be danced to almost any type of music and allows for individual creativity and expression. Here is a Youtube video that I found that does and excellent job of explaining WCS and why it's so popular: About the Beginning WCS Course: The course is designed to give you enough foundation so that you could dance basic WCS in public with confidence e.g. a party, a wedding, a club etc.. but we also hope you become involved in our WCS community and dance with us too! To get you there, we will provide extra opportunities for you to practice and apply what you are learning in class to real dance situations such as after class dance rotations with intermediate and advanced WCS dancers and invitations to our Jacksonville West Coast Swing club events. Classes will be each Wed @ Club Savoy from 7:00-8:00. The classes build upon each other so please try to start the course at the beginning of the month. After each class, we will combine with the Intermediate/Advanced WCS dancers and do dance rotations from 9:00 ~ 10:30. The rotations are optional but strongly encouraged because it gives you an opportunity to practice with a more experienced partner. They are really fun. This is part of Demery Strickland's Intermediate/Advanced class and will cost $5 Do I need to bring a partner? No -You do NOT need to bring a partner in order to take the classes. We rotate constantly during class so everyone gets practice. If you have someone you want to bring e.g. a friend, souse, partner etc... yes, absolutely bring them. It's just not a requirement to take the classes. Do I need some previous dance experience to take the class? No - You do NOT need any type of previous dance experience. Dancing and rhythm are learned skills. It just takes time to train your bodies to react the way your mind is telling it to react. Be patient if you are completely new to any type of dancing and don't give up! It just takes time. Is there a dress code? No -There is NO dress code....just wear whatever make you comfortable. I'll likely be in jeans and a t-shirt for example. There will be a lot of movement so you ladies may want to go with a shoe with a flatter heal. About the WCS Dance Community and the Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club (JWCSC): We have a fabulous and very active WCS dance community in Jacksonville. It's a fun loving and accepting group that simply loves to go out, socialize, and dance. Aside from our scheduled dances, it's not uncommon for us to organize a night out on the town to do some WCS dancing at a club or a new venue at the spur of the moment. We also attend neighboring WCS communities dances together in Gainesville and Ormond beach, as well as large WCS events in other parts of the state. If you're looking for a fun and active group that likes to dance, then you found it here! Another important part of the WCS Dance community is the Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club (JWCSC). The non-profit club was formed to simply promote WCS dancing in our Jacksonville area. The membership fees pay for things like these Free classes, bringing in WCS Pros to teach workshops, hold WCS dances, and costs associated with expanding our dance community. Club membership is $40 year and is open to anyone but you don't need to be a member to take the course the first time or to attend any of our events. With your membership, you get reduced dance and workshop costs but real benefit is that it helps us reach out to more people in our community and teach them WCS. Recommendations to stay plugged into the WCS Dance Community: I recommend you get on the JWCSC event email list through the club website. We won't junk up your inbox trying to sell you stuff and would never share your email address with anyone. It just helps you stay informed about dances and progress we are making through the JWCSC. Below is the direct link to get on our email list, but you may want to bookmark the site as well: If you are a Facebook subscriber, I'd also recommend you join the Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club group there as well. We publish a lot of events on the group homepage. Just request to join the group on the group page and someone will add you. Here is the link: Both of the links will help you keep up with what's going on in the WCS community like upcoming dances, workshops, impromptu night on the towns, visiting Pros etc...

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This is a group for anyone who wants to learn a fun social dance known as West Coast Swing. West Coast Swing is a partner dance that can be danced at clubs, weddings, and local swing dances. It is danced to modern music like top 40, R&B, and Blues. Volunteers from the Jacksonville West Coast Swing Club teach four week sessions which are absolutely free to you. No partner is needed and the dance is appropriate for all ages.

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