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An Empowering Journey from the dark, the yin, to the light, the yang: INNER ALCHEMY FOR INNER HARMONY - making the most of your yin (being) and yang (doing) energies.

Special Spring Equinox, the time of the year of perfect balance between dark and light, representing the Yin and Yang harmony.

Weekend Workshop For:

*** Enhanced Vitality, More Energy

*** Grounding, Being Centred in your Power

*** Womb Wisdom, Deepest Connection with the Self

*** Hormonal Balance and Wellbeing

*** Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

*** Rejuvenation and Radiance

Through Yin (specific for women) Taoist Practices, Kuan Yin QiGong, Meditation, Visualisation, Shamanic Practices, Ritual and Dance.

Starting on Saturday with Awakening Your inner Goddess… Follow Your Inner Wisdom! (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop_awakeninnergoddess.htm)


A deep exploration of the Water Element, our predominant yin energy, and how can we be in harmony with this receptive, mystic and energy of simply being, with our mysterious feminine in our every day life. In other words how can we allow the Inner Goddess to be fully present in your daily life, letting your gentleness act, and your wisdom to be your guide.

** The Jade Egg as a kidney healer, a tool of profound healing for the sexual organs, opening the path to embrace the womb wisdom - healing our ancestral lineage and access the knowledge we carry from them.

** Kidney and Adrenal Glands Wellbeing and Rejuvenation - prepare for an immediate sense of wellbeing and energy after this practice.

** Insight into the water structure - how you can easily transform water for your highest good through Taoist Shamanic Healing (just remember that water is just not only what you drink, but is in your food, main element in our body, etc...), and:
Every healing and life-giving process in our body happens through Water!

***** For more Workshop Details, Testimonials and To Book Your Place: Click Here (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop_awakeninnergoddess.htm)

"Thank you so much for a magical day, I have been truly touched by your beautiful energy and for you to create such a sacred space so that I can remember my truth, touch my wisdom and be nurtured in the grace of the Divine Feminine. The exercises were very informative and clear. I loved the balance of informative and intuitive approach." Joanna T.

What better than a whole day, (actually weekend!) to embrace our beautiful womanhood, but our ‘Goddesshood’! A new word to represent the connection with the Divine Feminine within and sisterhood that brings the awakening and embracing of our inner wisdom, that leads to the empowerment of each other, that always generates so much love and inspiration towards ourselves and others! What a lovely cycle.

Gracefully Sunday follows with Taoist Secrets of Youth & Beauty! (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop_innerbeauty.htm)

A whole Day to: to cultivate your inner beauty for an immediate feeling of outer radiance. Along with lots of feminine wisdom and fun!

Beauty that truly prevails is the beauty that comes from within!! Inner Beauty, OuTer Radiance!

A deep exploration of the Fire Element, we going to be cultivating the heart, where the fire lives. The heart is after all the 'Emperor' or 'Empress' of your 'Internal Universe', the organ we can't live without!

Your spontaneity for living depends on your acknowledgment of the fire within!

** Breast health for steady hormonal balance and self-nurturing.

** The Jade Egg as a heart healer and a tool to cultivate our natural beauty and youth.

** Tap Into your Innate Happiness! ♥ Be In Love with Yourself!

From my own Tantric exploration and past experience as a model (looks like another life, but I indeed learned lots of tricks and beauty secrets), I'm going to share:
How to combine ancient Taoist secrets with the latest and best natural beauty tips!


***** For more Workshop Details, Testimonials and To Book Your Place: Click Here (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop_innerbeauty.htm)

"I learned loads of beauty tips and the importance of our inner consciousness, and great tips on transformation. I loved the gypsy dancing!..." Mary G.

We will close the weekend workshop with a Spring Equinox Ritual of Renewal & Fertility on Sunday 19th March 2016.

From our last year workshop and some sharings:

• "Abundance with beautiful rituals and information. Just what I need to care for & love myself." Diana B.

• "I feel empowered and happy to have connected to my feminine self and inner beauty. The dancing reminded me many happy moments from my childhood. Thank you goddess Anamarta for your wisdom." Melanie H.

• "Very inspiring and energising experience. Thank you. Keep doing what you do!" Sara H.

• "It was an introduction to new concepts and ways to look at myself that will bring positiveness and healing." Angela N.

• "Loved dancing and the Kuan Yin Qigong. Very inspiring. Even have done all the other Jade Circle workshops and Healing Tao ones, I learned more than before about the kidneys and heart. Lots of love always." Jacq A.

And some magic surprise:

Places are Limited.

Weekend Workshop from 10.30am to 6pm

Early Bird: whole weekend for £147, or just one of the days for £79 until 13th March. Then £177, £97 respectively.

Sign Up Now! By Clicking Here and Scroll Down and then Click on the "Combine Weekend" Paypal Option. (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop_awakeninnergoddess.htm)

Also you will find also the option to save 10% when booking this weekend together with the Jade Circle® 2.5 days Workshop - Tao of Feminine Empowerment (Yin Step 1) (http://www.jadecircle.co.uk/workshop.html) the Annual Jade Egg Initiation in London from Friday 12th May (6.30 to 9.30pm) thru weekend 13th & 14th from 10.30am to 6pm.