Manifesting the Life You Want for Chinese New Year!***

Jade Temple

3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town NW5 3 AA · London

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This is a private studio, you can not miss the big 3 on the door, besides the "Troy Caffee".

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The Best Way to begin the Taoist (Chinese) New Year, always a highlight of the Jade Circle®, is gathering to Welcoming this Earth Pig Year***

A Circle with movement and stillness, visualisation and ritual.
*~*~* Booking is Necessary.

*** We going to use Taoist Divination with the "pakua" ("bagua") to feng shui our lives (photo above). The Pakua = 8 sides symbol in the Taoist cosmology associated with the 8 forces of the Universe, been used for thousands of years as "I Ching" divination tool, just not linked with the cosmology but also sacred geometry.

*** Ritual to light up and reinforce intentions in the different areas of our life, aligning with the energy of the Earth Pig and make the most of it!

Before that to be fully prepared, clear and open you are going to experience some of the of the Jade Egg Holistic Practices to feel the immediate benefits:

• Kuan Yin Qigong - which besides grounding and centering, offers gentle, but profound exercises for the whole body, including the pelvis.

• Healing Sounds Meditation in the Kuan Yin tradition - Recycle your emotions and grow your virtues: we have the power to transform the negative and cultivate the positive.

• Yin (specific women) Practice - for hormonal balance, radiant health and juiciness!

(: Can't wait to see you and celebrate with you!

YOU NEED TO BOOK as spaces are limited and fill up quickly!!
Please email [masked] to guarantee your place.

Some sharing experiences from previous years:
Earth Dog Year (photo above)

* "THANK YOU so much for last night. I absolutely loved it. I feel like a different person today. So calm and so much well being." Natalie S.

Fire Roster Year, here photo:

* "The Circle was LOVELY! I came back home with my heart full and a huge smile on my face."Cleuta M.

Fire Monkey Year, here photo:

* "I really enjoyed the Jade Circle last night. The Pakua magic was fantastic! Anamarta taught us a lot in a short space of time and I have already started putting the Feng Shui principles into practice in my home. I feel very inspired! Thank-you." Suzanne E.

* "It was great to meet you and to learn more about Feng Shui with the pakua which is going to be useful!" Angela S.

* "As usual, it was first of all a real pleasure, to be with you and all the other goddesses; your Jade Circle allows me to feel part of a community, to embrace a belonging, a rooting and to integrate self-acceptance - all of which are so important, especially as here in London... Yes, I felt very integrated after this session, all firmly centered around a strong core of Light, Love, and Joy.
Your Jade Circles always fall very timely for me. Whatever we're practicing, whatever the theme of the session, the exercises, and the rituals, they always are perfectly in line with what I need at the most profound level. This is why I am so grateful to you. I know you follow your intuition, and the Chinese calendar, and the Moon calendar, and yes, it seems that my soul is also aligned with all of these! And the more I practise with you, the deeper I integrate your teaching. I noticed recently that my ears have new channels of understanding, they go deeper and are reaching levels of perception I didn't know before - I feel altogether more open to receiving, a proof that fear has let go of its grip. My ego has learned to recede and be humble, to not interfere and just let my Self be in this Yin mode of deep reception. So whenever you start talking, I enter a place of meditation, my body aligns itself, my spine goes longer, my rooting better, my breathing softer - and I smile without willing to smile...
The Pakua practice was a very good idea!!! Excellent start of the year!!! Totally needed, as I have to feng shui my space - and my life. It is amazing indeed how ideas and visions come clearly to the mind when you guide us. And the guidance rhythm was good, as there was no time for the mind to step in and start having a say - just the first feelings, as expressed by the Heart. My Heart felt very very vibrant and big afterward. Very open. And my body very balanced and strong, my mind clear and confident. After every Jade Circle, I feel more in tune with Life and much more confident. I can go along knowing I am free and ready to face anything. Now I have a lovely pakua looking at me on my shrine... It will serve me as guidance throughout my new year, and all the changes that will occur, and will be my Compass." :) Cecile C.

Wood Sheep Year, here photo and sharing:

* "I didn't expect such powerful it has been wonderful to have connected with you and what you are sharing :)" Lisa

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