ONLINE CIRCLE: Womb Wisdom & the Jade Egg

JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
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Our Womb is such an important part of our sacred body, our gift as women who give birth, create a new life... And I don't mean just babies, but birth ideas, create anything you want in your life. The Womb is our Creative Center, and creativity is present in many more aspects of our everyday life that we may think...
Womb Wisdom brings us Deepest Connection with the Self.

How can you access this?
One of the properties of the crystal Jade is as a kidney healer (thus the name emerged...); the kidneys are linked with the sexual organs. The Jade Egg** works as a tool of profound healing for the sexual organs, opening the path to embrace the womb wisdom - healing our ancestral lineage and access the knowledge we carry from them.
Womb and Jade Gate (sexual organs) healing open to deep self-awareness of the power you have within.

Find out More in this workshop! We will start with a Talk (which includes unveiling the Jade Egg Ancient Secrets in the tradition of 4000 years for our Modern Life) followed by Practices for you to Learn, Evolve, Enjoy and Taste the Immediate Benefits of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice.

*** We also will be gathering in Sisterhood antecipating and Celebrating the International Women's Day on the 8th March.
*** AND will be also tuning into the Virgo Full Moon, on Monday (Moon Day). Virgo is a feminine star sign, a reminder for the ladies: connect with your body, embrace your sacred sensuality as the woman you are!


• Connection of Heart and Womb.

• Kuan Yin Qigong - which besides grounding and centering, offers gentle, but profound exercises for the whole body, including the pelvis.

• Meditation - to cultivate inner harmony which spreads into your outer world, together with self-love and self-acceptance.

• Yin (specific to women) Practice - for radiant health, wellbeing and juiciness.

• Womb Mandala - an insight into the relations in your life.

• Sharing the Virgo Full Moon Magic Ritual.

**The JADE EGG comes from the female ancient Taoist tradition. An amazing 'tool', when properly used, it is indeed great to enhance women's optimal health, harmony, inner strength, rejuvenation and honour the sacred feminine within; when working holistically the benefits are on all levels: the physical, emotional and energetic.
Jade is a symbol of purity, serenity, health and abundance. Jade Affirmation by Anamarta, creatrix of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice:

"I am healthy and whole in my body, mind and soul. I love to live, a life of plenty where abundance continually flows; and my inner wisdom shows where to go."

After thirteen years of personal experience and sharing with thousands of women all over the world I found the Jade Egg to be an amazing tool, jewel, and talisman!

We gather for 1.5h through video call in a platform that is accessible for all. As you sign up you will receive your link invitation.
It will be from 11.30am to 1pm (UK Time)

We have the 2020 Programme with Online Circles which complement each other, going through all the seasons/Elements. You have saving options to sign for:

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*** "Seasonal Package" - 3 Workshops.

Places Are Limited.

This will be an extension of our Jade Circle®, the sacredness of the circle will be kept virtually. I look forward to welcoming you to the Jade Temple!

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