ONLINE CIRCLE: Special New Moon - Ritual, Healing, Empowering

JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
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1st Spring (or the Autumn in the South Hemisphere) New Moon, have a greater influence on us!... So let's make the most of this energy!

At this New Moon we set the seeds we planted last season. That's what Aries is all about in some ways: motion. Where to go? What to do?
Aries' primal fire and passion move us into life!

The New Moon being a time of new beginnings, in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, really brings the energy to look upon our choices: are you where you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do?
Aries is associated with: being brave, having exceptional energy, overcoming obstacles, pioneering spirit, leadership, enterprise; so the energy is: To Go For It!

A Circle with movement & stillness, visualisation & ritual.
2 days after the Dark Moon,​ we have the New Moon, when the first moon appears in the sky, the powerful time for magic ritual.


***** Planting Seeds, Manifesting Ritual.

Before that to be fully prepared, clear and open you are going to experience some of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice to support to tune into the "Aries Energy" and also feel the immediate benefits of Self-Healing and Grounding.

• Short Interactive Talk to present the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, which includes the secrets of the Jade Egg** in a tradition of 4000 years, and the relevance of the Jade Egg to the Springtime of rebirth and renewal.

• Kuan Yin Qigong - which besides grounding and centering, offers gentle, but profound exercises for the whole body, including the pelvis.

• Rooting into the Earth, Centered in your Power.

• Healing Sounds Meditation in the Kuan Yin tradition - Recycle your emotions and grow your virtues: we have the power to transform the negative and cultivate the positive!

• Yin (specific women) Practice - for hormonal balance, wellbeing and juiciness!

We gather for 1.5h through video call in a platform that is accessible for all. As you sign up you will receive your link invitation.
It will be from 11.30am to 1pm BST (British Summer Time)

We have the 2020 Programme with Online Circles which complement each other, going through all the seasons/Elements. You have saving options to sign for:

*** "I'm In! Full Package" - you can still benefit from this saving if you want to enjoy the earlybird prices for the weekend workshops in London or any part of the world, inclusive the Kuan Yin Qigong Teacher Training Retreat in Portugal.

*** "Seasonal Package" - 3 Evenings.

Places Are Limited.

This will be an extension of our Jade Circle®, so the sacredness of the circle will be kept virtually, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Jade Temple!

Is with great pleasure I'll be sharing Ancient Secrets for Modern Living through the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and Kuan Yin Qigong. Also the Tao of Moon Power, in the spirit of the Jade Priestesses, an opportunity to sharpen intuition, manifesting dreams and align with your true purpose.

**The JADE EGG comes from the female ancient Taoist tradition. An amazing 'tool', when properly used, it is indeed great to enhance women's optimal health, harmony, inner strength, rejuvenation and honour the sacred feminine within; when working holistically the benefits are on all levels: the physical, emotional and energetic.
Jade is a symbol of purity, serenity, health, and abundance. Jade Affirmation by Anamarta:

"I am healthy and whole in my body, mind and soul. I love to live, a life of plenty where abundance continually flows; and my inner wisdom shows where to go."

A sharing from this Circle:
"I really enjoyed and found it both grounding as well as energising me for the year ahead. And I found the seed ceremony very beautiful to take part in and also helpful in focusing my mind on future goals." Helen E.

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