ONLINE Circle: Sacrum Bone_Gateway to the Universe Beyond the Visible!

JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
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The Sacrum Bone is sacred in the Taoist Tradition: it is the gateway to the Universe beyond the visible; is actually known as the "Immortal Bone". This triangular bone at the base of your spine has eight physical holes representing the 8 Forces of the Universe: Fire & Water, Heaven & Earth, Mountain & Lake, Wind & Thunder.

All the nerves related with the coccyx are in the sacrum, being like this a gateway of major nerves and blood vessels. This important bone links the upper and lower body, produces red blood cells (which bring oxygen to the heart) and last but not least it is the back of your sexual center where your life force is, not just related to sex, but with your creative energy, manifest in various aspects of your life.

Activating the sacrum is fundamental for our health, and guess what, even to keep as young: yes! Nourishes the brain, by pumping fresh spinal fluid up the spine. And more, keeping your sacrum supple, flexible and free (of any pain and tension, the lower back discomfort a common condition from modern days), it will enhance your life in all levels of your being by:

• Energising - cultivates chi (energy) and recaptures lost energy.

• Connecting with the Earth - great for grounding and healing.

• Strengthening the internal organs, develop inner strength.

• Exercising the parasympathetic nervous system.

• Helping the chi flow "running water doesn't stagnate" - if the energy is flowing freely in your body, mean you are free of tension, pain and filled with energy and power!

• Enhancing Sexual energy - your creativity, vitality, and empowerment!

The activation of the sacrum is an important preliminary to work properly with the Jade Egg.**

Find out more about these, how you can promote vitality and healthy everyday life! With the bonus of how to be in tune with your hormones for balance and wellbeing, being grounded and centered in your power, and love and accept yourself unconditionally!


This evening gives you a taste of the 2.5 days Jade Egg Initiation Workshop - Tao of Feminine Empowerment happening in London on​ June 12th-14th. More details:

Ancient Secrets for Modern Women, through:

• Kuan Yin Qigong - which besides grounding and centering, offers gentle, but profound exercises for the whole body, including the pelvis;

• Meditation - to cultivate inner harmony which spreads into your outer world, together with self-love and self-acceptance;

• Yin (specific to women) Practice - for hormonal balance, radiant health, wellbeing, and juiciness!

And of course:

• I'm going to share how to keep your sacrum healthy, flexible and supple - something you can immediately apply in your daily life!

**The JADE EGG comes from the female ancient Taoist tradition, the Jade Priestess Way. An amazing 'tool', when properly used, is indeed great to enhance women's optimal health, harmony, inner strength, rejuvenation and honour the sacred feminine within; when working holistically the benefits are on all levels: the physical, emotional and energetic.
Jade is a symbol of purity, serenity, health, and abundance.
Jade Affirmation by Anamarta:

"I am healthy and whole in my body, mind, and soul. I love to live, a life of plenty where abundance continually flows; and my inner wisdom shows where to go."

We gather for 1.5h through video call in a platform that is accessible for all. As you sign up you will receive your link invitation.
It will be from 11.30am to 1pm BST (British Summer Time)

We have the Online Circles which complement each other, going through the seasons for the rest of the year. You have saving options to sign for:
* "Seasonal Package" - 3 Workshops.

Places Are Limited.

This will be an extension of our Jade Circle®, the sacredness of the circle will be kept virtually. I look forward to welcoming you to the Jade Temple!

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