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JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
JADE CIRCLE® Taoist Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong for Women
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...Taoist (Chinese) New Year of the Golden Rat!
On the Imbolic, this sabbat (one of the eight Pagan Festivals which honour the Great Mother Earth natural cycle), 'The Wheel of the Year' which here celebrate the first signs of the Spring (even deep within the earth), the Goddess awakes...

In this Special Day, I Welcome All Women to the Jade Temple to present our exciting program of the New Year, as giving the insight to make the most of the Golden Rat Year, as well as sharing an Imbolic Ritual to tune into the energy in the air.

We gather for 1.5h through video call in a platform that is accessible for all. As you sign up with your name and email you will receive your link invitation.

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We have 9 SATURDAYS from 11.30am to 1pm UK Time that are designed to follow and complement each other, starting in February and finishing in November, going through all the seasons in the Taoist Calendar in relation with the 5 Elements: Winter (Water), Spring (Wood), Summer (Fire), Harvest Time (Earth), Autumn (Metal).
The Dates:

• 8th Feb. – Manifesting the Life You Want for Chinese New Year!

• 7th Mar. – Womb Wisdom & The Jade Egg

• 25th Apr. – Special New Moon: Ritual, Healing, Empowering

• 16th May - Sacrum Bone_ Gateway to the Universe Beyond the Visible

• 20th Jun. – Embracing Your Evil Twin & Your Heart's Desire!

• 18th Jul. – Natural Beauty & Youth Jade Egg Secrets

• 12th Sep. – Center in Your Power

• 10th Oct. – The Warrior Woman

• 7th Nov. – Enhance Sexual Vitality for Health, Rejuvenation & Empowerment!

It is with great pleasure I'll be sharing Ancient Secrets for Modern Living through the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and Kuan Yin Qigong. Also the Tao of Moon Power, in the spirit of the Jade Priestesses, an opportunity to sharpen intuition, manifesting dreams and align with your true purpose.
We will focus on different aspects of this Holistic Practice to feel its benefits of body, mind & spirit, while connecting with the Taoist, Pagan and Moon Calendar, to tune into the energies to enhance our lives.

Places are Limited.


***** "I'm In! Full Package" - 9 Workshops/Full Course from Feb. to Nov.
Become a member of the Jade Temple, enjoy priority for free online events, the earlybird prices for the weekend workshops in London or any part of the world, inclusive the Kuan Yin Qigong Teacher Training Retreat in Portugal. You can check dates and details on the Calendar page, and/or contact us.

***** "Seasonal Package" - 3 Workshops.

***** "Pay-as-you-go" - 1 Workshop.

This will be an extension of our Jade Circle®, so the sacredness of the circle will be kept virtually, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Jade Temple!

*****Share and Invite all women in your life who may be interested or even just curious about their amazing womanhood!