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This meetup is for undergraduates looking for a software engineering internship or full-time job.
Professionals looking to make a career shift towards software engineering. Computer
science enthusiasts looking to polish their technical communication skills. Anyone
curious about what goes on in a technical interview, and how to use psychology and
research to combat self-doubt and set yourself up for success.

About this meetup: You've hit a major milestone as a computer scientist graduate and want to kick start your successful career as a 'software engineer'. This workshop will teach you how to solve coding problems, write algorithms, and analyze solutions. The goal is to help you succeed in your technical interviews so that you can get a job at one of the best companies as a software engineer. The workshop will be hands on mix Of powerpoint lecture and whiteboarding so your active participation as an audience is required. Finally, we will also cover basic job search tips, and strategies for succeeding once you're on the job.

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