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Let's get together for affordable activities or nature -friendly traveling purposes on the weekend, like going to story-time at the library, having picnics at public or city park such as Situ Lembang, Taman Suropati or Ecopark, Ancol etc. We can also have events for line dance, historical tour ( go to historical place), watching movie, go to concert and many more. Let's mingle and have a great and exciting weekend getaway and also meet new friend together.
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Exploring Batu Raden, Purwokerto, Central Java

Batu raden

Batu Raden located on the slopes of Mount Slamet. There are so many beautiful spots here as follow - Telaga Sunyi ( Silent lake) Pancuran Pitu and Pancuran Telu ( Pitu waterfall and Telu Waterfall) Baturaden Natural Theatre Katenger village Kebun Raya Baturaden -Baturaden Adventure forest During this trip we have to follow official health guideline so we stay safe and healthy while enjoying the scenic view.
We are going by train to Purwokerto and stay 1 night Baturaden adventure forest.

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Rafting and trekking at little green canyon in Banten

Curug Putri Carita

Want to feel real adventure but not too far from Jakarta. We have to trekking in the forest to reach the curug before we rafting. So don't miss this adventure, because happiness is one part to increase our body immunity. If you interested in to join please click https://chat.whatsapp.com/IQMihrTgvw3HQJ9AQZzUSA

Tana Toraja, explore South Sulawesi (4D3N)

Soekarno Hatta Jakarta Airport

Tanah Toraja is a district in South Sulawesi. The exoticism of the region and local wisdom possessed by Tana Toraja have made the name Tana Toraja known internationally

Not only Tana Toraja also explore many awe- inspiring places in South Sulawesi.
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Sebesi Island, Umang Island and Krakatau Mt trip

Pulau sebesi

Sebesi Island located in Sunda Strait, has many fascinating spot for snorkling, canoeing to Umang island and swimming. Also you will find and feed turtle in the port. People said the turtle come from the Krakatau move to Sebesi island.

Krakatau is an active volcanic archipelago located in the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra. This name is also attached to a volcanic peak there which disappeared due to a cataclysmic eruption on August 26-27, 1883.

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Leisurely strolling in Ecopark Ancol


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