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Professor Goldman charges $50 Per lesson so please bring money.

A small group of late Blooming middle aged faux intellectual types trying to meander though the most difficult of books in English literature, James Joyce's Ulysses.You forwarded this message on 2/9/2018 5:06 PM Hi Tim,
I'm looking forward to it as well. If all goes well, I will arrive at 3:45 and we can chat about any logistics/plans that we may have overlooked.
Are the readers, as I imagine, literary enthusiasts who have long intended to read Ulysses and not found the time?

Is it the understanding that everyone will have read at least chapter 1? As you have proposed 18 weeks, I imagine that you expect one chapter at a session. This is sensible of course, but if people have already read more, we might at some point choose to do multiple chapters in a week in order to stretch one or two of the longer ones out later.

FYI: my approach is not to lecture formally but to read through together in as much detail as time and circumstance seem to call for, taking opportunities to digress into mostly materials related to Joyce's biography, Irish history and literary culture, modernist literature, and Homer.

Lastly, some potentially helpful links:First, the chapter scheme for Ulysses that Joyce devised can be found here (http://pajari.kapsi.fi/Luennot/pdf/gilbert__schema_for_ulysses.pdf).
Second, here (http://www.jjon.org/joyce-s-allusions) is a page that has a variety of useful links to Joyce notes and annotations.

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